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* "I am healthier and have more energy and self confidence. The instructors provide enough variety in the classes that I have gained a true joy for fitness."


* "I tackle routine daily activities with much more energy and have essentially rid myself of what I thought was a tendency to procrastinate but that was in fact just the negative features of a sedentary lifestyle."


* "I much fitter, I have more energy and more confidence. I also feel like Im part of this healthy, friendly, fitness community."


* "The health and strength rewards of being a long-time member of Body Busters, I love how empowered I feel after each class."

Alex M.

* "I have gained a new sense of confidence in my fitness abilities, and a drive to do things I never desired to do before."


* "The results of being a Body Buster member has been an uplift in my life, something I did for me and ONLY me."

Katelyn and Nicole

* "Since I joined with Body Buster Ive proudly lost a total of 30 pounds and two dress sizes." & "Im turning 40 this year and Im the healthiest Ive ever felt in my life."

Hannah & Vanessa

* "It's truly important to be active and fit at a young age because it prolongs your health and wellbeing for the future." And "Having a firmer body or defined arms is great for sure, but its so great to know that you can keep up with your children or younger people and be a positive role model."


* "Body Buster has given me my confidence back as I have gained my endurance back."


* "Being a part of the Body Buster program helps to motivate you outside of the classes as well. It helps me to focus on my physical health and gives me the desire to be more active on a daily basis."
* Results may vary from person to person.
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