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* "Being a part of the Body Buster program helps to motivate you outside of the classes as well. It helps me to focus on my physical health and gives me the desire to be more active on a daily basis."


* "Having scheduled classes is helpful to motivate oneself to continue to make a commitment to exercise."


* "I feel more confident about how I look and feel. I have much more strength and endurance than I had before."


* "I know that I have a better quality of life"


* "I have more energy throughout the day for my kids and family. I have more confidence in my abilities. Each class is a way for me to destress from everyday life."


* "My energy level is higher, I sleep better & Im stronger."

Barbara & John

* "The program is co-ed and allows the two of us time together doing something we both value. "


* "I dont own a scale, nor have I measured myself since I began. However I measure myself by things that I can do since. I feel the best Ive felt in almost 20 year."


* "I want to stay healthy for my family & for myself. I know that being physically active is such an important part of that equation. "


* "When I had a gym membership I seemed to make every excuse not to go routinely, but Body Buster is different for me because it is a date and time commitment I make to myself and I feel the positive results in the short and longer term, so in my mind it is just something I have to do."
* Results may vary from person to person.
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