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* "Body Buster not only got me ready for my wedding in the physical sense but also in the mental or emotional sense."

BRIDAL BOOTCAMP – Getting Ready For Your BIG Day!

Your Wedding Day is one of the most anticipated days of your life; filled with joy and love! Often the days leading up to the ‘big day’ in question are full of stress, time consuming tasks and financial planning.  Focusing on catering, seating arrangements and more can be worrisome enough, but on top of all of this is the bride wants to look good!


In the months leading up to your wedding, the best form of stress relief is working out.  Participating in the Body Buster program is the ideal way to remove not only your mind from the day-to-day tasks of planning, but to aid in the long term goal of being as healthy and fit as possible as you step into your perfect wedding gown. Our program is a group motivating experience which combines strength training with cardiovascular exercise, as well as a relaxing stretch component. Body Buster members receive a well-balanced workout each and every class.  Toning your arms, losing inches and strengthening your core are just a few of the benefits you may encounter in the Body Buster program.


At Body Buster Fitness, we believe that in order to see increased fitness levels and decreased body fat and inches you must set attainable goals.  Working hard in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding is a great motivator for brides and wedding party members alike. We recognize there is no ‘quick fix’ to improving one’s health and well-being, but instead promote the importance of establishing a routine that maximizes your results.


Testimonial from a Body Buster Member:
Being told you look amazing on the day of your wedding is what every bride strives for. I know that I would not have been as happy with how I looked if it wasn’t for the Body Buster program. Every class I attended I was ‘sweating for the wedding’.  Participating in the program made me more confident in myself and on the day of the wedding my strapless dress looking great on me!
Furthermore, Body Buster not only got me ready for my wedding in the physical sense but also in the mental or emotional sense. The stress of planning a wedding was at times unbearable but I always knew that on Monday and Friday I would have an hour of wedding-free thought time. Even if I wanted to think about the wedding it would have been impossible. The instructors keep you focused on yourself and your body for the entire hour. Then after the hour is up I would feel better about myself and all the stress that I brought into the class with me seemed to wash away.  On top of that I had appointments and meetings as the wedding got closer.  Body Buster was very understanding and was able to accommodate me if I wasn’t able to make a class on my regular day.  Body Buster kept me physically in shape to look great in my dress and mentally in shape to handle any stress that came my way.


Body Buster Fitness would like to Congratulate Sam on her amazing fitness results, as well as her Wedding in the fall of 2013!
What better way to get in shape and de-stress then to join the Body Buster Fitness program before your Wedding Day!




* "In only a short period of time, I have seen significant results."


Post-Pregnancy: Getting Back Into A Fitness Routine 

When you have a new baby, you have a lot to celebrate! You also have many adjustments to make. Late night feedings, less sleep and seemingly never-ending diaper changes are just a few of the things you need to get familiar with. Long-term weight gain does NOT have to be one of these changes! Being a parent, its important to deliver your best and stay strong and healthy for your children, not to mention be a good example. It’s all about discipline and schedule. Easing back into an exercise routine will not only help you get your body back after baby but it can boost your mood and increase energy levels…this goes for Dad too!

If you’re a new mom, get started as soon as you’re given the “OK” by your physician. Waiting for the “perfect time”, when you have more energy, more time – all excuses! Putting off your workout now makes it that much harder to get back into it later.

Always consult with your physician before starting any post natal exercise program. The safety of exercise is very individualized depending on several factors including whether you’ve had a c-section and how physically active you were before and during pregnancy. For some, doctors may advise against any exercise other than walking for the first 6-12 weeks. Others may be able to return to exercise sooner than that. Qualified Body Buster Instructors are happy to provide modifications and support to ensure members can ease back into a safe fitness routine.


Benefits of Exercising Post – Baby:

  • Raises energy levels
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Restores muscle strength and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps strengthen abdominal muscles
  • Time to work on yourself – YOU time


Testimonial From a Body Buster Member:

Getting back into shape after pregnancy can be a very challenging task! I began my journey with Body Buster Fitness only nine weeks after having a caesarean section and I could not be happier with my choice to join this fitness group.  It has been a great way to spend some time focusing on myself during the craziness that encompasses being a new mom.  I was nervous that there would be some exercises that I would not be able to participate in due to my recent surgery; I was pleased to discover that the instructor was more than willing to modify any exercise that I felt uncomfortable doing.  Her professionalism and education in fitness and movement left me feeling very confident that I was in good hands.  Body Buster also allows its members to miss up to two classes per program and make them up at another time and this flexibility was one of the many reasons I chose Body Buster as opposed to any other fitness group.  As you can imagine, there any many sleepless nights and unpredictable days with a newborn!  In only a short period of time, I have seen significant results and plan to continue transforming myself into the happy, healthy, and well-balanced woman I want my children to look up to.  I would encourage any new mom (or dad!) to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!





* Keeping Fit & Motivated through an Injury is Key to a Successful Recovery at any AGE!



Testimonial from Body Buster Member:

The year 2013 heralded several “life events” for me, two of which were more memorable than others.  First, the minor event – reaching a ripe age of 60 — turned out really to be a non-event, as I didn’t feel any different.  Of course, organizations like Body Buster Fitness help a lot indirectly to make age milestones no big thing by promoting fitness at all levels. The more significant life event was accidental and unplanned, and proved to have more of a pronounced impact on me.  I woke up New Year’s Day 2013 with a pinched neck nerve, which might have been caused by nothing more than sleeping inadvertently in an awkward position.  Many people apparently experience this ailment, with different effects, but I can speak only of my own feelings and results. However, I view both events as positive, as they gave me fresh insight into my own foibles and strengths.

In short, the pinched nerve caused substantial pain and numbness in my right shoulder, arm and hand, and left me very shortly after the onset with significantly reduced upper body mobility.  This translated to time off work on disability leave, and curtailment of almost every extracurricular activity; including Body Buster, driving, walking, sleeping comfortably, sitting upright, etc.  The problem with nerve damage, as I soon found out, is that the pharmaceutical industry’s plethora of medicines don’t really do much for nerve pain.  The key to relief appeared in the form of both a new treatment plan of acupuncture performed by a chiropractor and continued my participation in the Body Buster program, in which I had been a member for 5 years at this time. My various medical doctors agreed with my rationale to explore both treatment plans and signed off on both avenues.

The mantra became “time heals”, but unfortunately, it was too slow for my tastes.  With nothing to lose, I started seeing the chiropractor/accupuncturist as often as I could, and regained a certain level of mobility within 6 weeks.  The next step was a bigger gamble – going back to Body Buster classes, as I had had a favourable history with Body Buster, I chose to work with them.  I relied on my instructors to look after my fitness needs and well-being. Limited mobility meant not being able to do certain types of exercises, and the easy onset of pain meant doing alternative & reduced routines, all the while hoping that I didn’t aggravate my “condition”.  The positive side was that with each program, I was regaining more mobility in little steps, along with home exercises called “nerve flossing” that helped to relieve the pressure on nerve points.  Body Buster helped in so many ways, by encouraging me to get back into the program step by step once I decided to return, and by customizing my activities within the group to what I could handle, slowly increasing my goals, flexibility, endurance, and speed. While my chiropractor recommended I do specific mobility exercises at home, my Body Buster Instructors suggested other complementary ones that my chiropractor and family doctor subsequently endorsed. I also found it particularly motivating to be a part of the group setting found in Body Buster classes, as there are many long-time members who have become great friends.

I’ve now regained almost all my mobility; let’s say 99%, by continuing to do daily mobility exercises with no pain/numbness and active participation in the Body Buster program. It feels great to be able to participate actively at 60, and beyond! Thanks, Body Buster Fitness! Now I’m looking towards my next goal of returning to 10 lbs weights in class. That’s my new positive motivator!


* Results may vary from person to person.
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