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Switch To Body Buster And SAVE

Get The Results You Want!

Are You Looking To For a NEW Fitness Program That Will Take Care Of Your Indivual Needs While Providing You A Fun, Friendly Atmosphere with Effective Results?

At Body Buster Fitness we strive to make every 4 week program a unique and positive workout experience. Suitable for women and men of all ages and fitness levels by modifying the exercises and workout programs as well as provide challenges so that each member may work at their own pace. The Body Buster Fitness Program will teach you to challenge yourself and obtain ultimate physical results!

The Body Buster® motto says it well: Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Well!®

These classes are fun, exciting, motivating and challenging. Body Buster® trainers will give you the motivation you are looking for while training and guiding you in the right direction with exercise form and nutrition. Every Body Buster® workout is different and you will never have time to be bored!


Body Buster Fitness has a Special Offer:

NEW members who have never taken a program before are given the opportunity to Switch-And-Save.

*A discount of $25 off will be available to any NEW members who contact the Body Buster Fitness office of their chosen location and provide a copy of proof of purchase of the gym, fitness program and/or bootcamp fitness program.

Please contact a Body Buster Office now before registering for your first program. Visit Contact Us Page



Terms & Conditions For "Switch To Body Buster & SAVE" Promotion

  • All members Registering must be NEW members who have never previously taken a Body Buster® Program.
  • All new members qualify for this Promo only prior to making payment. There are no refunds available.
  • This Promotion is only valid Prior to taking your first Body Buster® Program.
  • This promotion must be validated by Body Buster Fitness® office administration.
  • This promotion may not be used with any other promotion(s), with the exception of the Consecutive / Multiple Program Membership SAVINGS.
  • Receipts from active/past gym/fitness program/bootcamp fitness program older then three (3) months of the time of submition will NOT be accepted. 
* Results may vary from person to person.
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