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How does it WORK?

Customize your fitness experience. Mix and match locations and times within an area (Mon to Fri).

Classes are 1 hour in length. Bootcamp programs run for four weeks on and one week off, year round.

Custom flexible memberships available from 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 month & 12 month packages with various class/credits options.

No workout is ever the same. Receive encouragement, motivation and an amazing workout!

Book or cancel your classes around your schedule within your membership duration. Easy access through your member account.

Fitness Level:
AnyBODY can benefit – from beginner to athlete, all fitness levels welcome!

Lower Rate:
The longer the commitment, the more you SAVE!

What to bring:
Water, comfortable exercise clothes, dumbbells and a mat.

The Workout – Body Buster® Style!

Body Buster Fitness® classes are specially designed to push you to become as physically active as possible, whatever your fitness level may be!

These Fitness Bootcamp classes present you with the power to decide the degree of difficulty which you encounter in each class.

Body Buster Bootcamp® will work your entire body by introducing a well-balanced workout through a wide range of exercise styles including: high intensity interval training (hiit), strength training, core conditioning, endurance training, circuit training, drills, obstacle courses, yoga, tabata, partner work, team training and more.

Our fresh and unique program style takes advantage of a variety of equipment to ensure each class is challenging and different. Some of the equipment you may see throughout the Body Buster¨ program include: kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, equalizers, skipping ropes, power logs, ab wheels, foam rollers, exercise balls, resistance tubing and much more!

Why Body Buster Fitness®?

The Body Buster® motto says it well: Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Well!® These classes are fun, exciting, motivating and challenging. Body Buster® trainers will give you the motivation you are looking for while training and guiding you in the right direction with exercise form and nutrition. Every Body Buster® workout is different and you will never have time to be bored!

Body Buster Bootcamp can help you:


  • Inches
  • Body Fat
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Fatigue


  • Endurance Level
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Self-Esteem
  • Metabolism
  • Mental toughness
  • Energy
  • Confidence

By becoming physically active your stress/tension level will decrease, your ability to have restful sleeps will increase, as will your self-esteem. At Body Buster Fitness® we strive to support physical activity, nutrition, and overall well-being.

The Trainers!

Body Buster® certified trainers will motivate and encourage you to do the best you can in each and every class. Our trainers will give you an amazing “body busting workout” like no other and will hold you accountable to follow through.

Body Buster Bootcamp® trainers are willing to push their members to obtain optimal performance but are also compassionate individuals who are trained to provide modifications and challenges when necessary. Body Buster® trainers love what they do and are very passionate about the Bootcamp program.

The Body Buster® Extras!


Body Buster Bootcamp® offers more than just expertise in physical activity. The program also provides all members with access to many tips, templates, and plans to improve your nutrition. Body Buster Bootcamp® is dedicated to your overall well-being, therefore we want to provide you with tips and information during class, on the website, as well as when you sign up for a new session.


Body Buster Bootcamp® also provides all members with an online tracking system to ensure accountability when working out and trying to reach those goals. This system also includes a goal tracking system and trainer communication. All of these benefits are unique to the Body Buster Fitness® program!

Accountability and Flexibility

All members will learn more about this on their first day of class however, Body Buster Fitness® is the only program that provides its members with a unique system to ensure flexibility. You as a member will be accountable for making your classes, however we do understand that sometimes “life happens” and a class may need to be made up on occasion. (click for makeup class policies)

Trainer Communication

All Body Buster® trainers are here for you and want you to succeed in reaching your goals. That is why all trainers are committed to you and open up the lines of communication right away.

Members Area and Personal Account

All Body Buster® members are given access to the Body Buster® “members zone” where they may reap the benefits of all the little extras that this program has to offer. All members will receive an account of their own.

Fitness Assessments

Body Buster Fitness® is committed to increasing your level of fitness by providing a “Fitness Evaluation” for individuals who register for a full program (click for package and pricing information). Our “Fitness Evaluation” includes test assessments and measurements (before and after) package as a method of determining your level of fitness and promoting fitness goals for the future.

Individualized Personal Attention

At Body Buster® we know that members are individuals who have specific and personal goals. And moreover, these goals grow and change over time. Not only do Body Buster trainers get to know each member and their goals individually, but they work carefully with each member to reach maximum fitness success! During classes, members can expect personalized attention, modifications, challenges and communication from their qualified Body Buster Instructor based on their individual needs and goals.

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