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How does it WORK?

Choose 2, 3 or unlimited classes per week (Mon-Fri)

Classes are 1 hour in length. Programs run for four weeks.

Choose from 1, 3, 6 or 10 bootcamp program memberships.

No workout is ever the same. Receive encouragement, motivation and an amazing workout!

Miss a class, make it up at another day, time and location that work for you.

Fitness Level:
AnyBODY can benefit – from beginner to athlete, all fitness levels welcome!

Lower Rate:
The longer the commitment, the more you SAVE!

What to bring:
Water, comfortable exercise clothes, dumbbells and a mat.

Fitness Bootcamp Packages


By selecting a “Standard Program” you are committing to set days, times and location.


Customize your fitness experience. Custom programs allow you to mix and match locations and times within an area.


Attend unlimited Body Buster classes (locations, days and times).

Program Packages and Pricing

When selecting a Body Buster® Program, save your money by committing to a consecutive program membership.
I am way more toned, I have more energy and I feel much stronger. It is now a lifestyle for me. ‐ Lily,( Body Buster® Member)

All program packages range from $14 - $21 a class.
Two (2) Days Per Week - For Four (4) Weeks = 8 classes per program
Three (3) Days Per Week - for Four (4) Weeks = 12 classes per program
One (1) Program Membership
Please select a city
Please select a city
Three (3) Consecutive Programs Membership
Commit to your goals. - you are serious about getting results.
Please select a city
Please select a city
Six (6) Consecutive Programs Membership
Great value - you are ready to make a lifestyle change.
Please select a city
Please select a city
Ten (10) Consecutive Programs Membership
Best value - make Body Buster a part of your life.
Please select a city
Please select a city

Every Body Buster® Program Includes the following:

  • Fitness Evaluation (before and after)
  • * Measurements (before and after).
  • One hour Body Buster bootcamp® classes up to five time per week.
  • Body Buster® Program length is three to four weeks.
  • Optional attendance to the Fitness Evaluation Day*.
  • *The Fitness Evaluation Day is only available to members enrolled in a full four week program.
  • Free Body Buster Fitness® T-shirt (first time members).
  • Diverse workouts that include obstacle courses, strength training, cardiovascular endurance training, drills, running/power walking, agility & stability training, stretching, and many other exercises!
  • Private access to Body Buster's® Members Area of the website.
  • Nutritional support including Body Buster® meal plans, templates and personally working with your instructor on nutrition if you wish.
  • The official Body Buster goal setting and tracking system (online and in-person).
  • The official Body Buster Fitness® & Nutritional Tracking System
  • Online and in-person fitness and nutritional support.
  • Access to discounted Body Buster® clothing, equipment, and nutritional products.
  • A total body workout like no other!
*Results may vary from person to person

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