I have been a member of Body Buster since January 2016 and I wish I had become a member sooner!

I was starting to get bored of exercising at home or at the gym and needed something more. What I love most about Body Buster is that each class is different. The instructors are always introducing new exercises and equipment and for me, that’s key to keeping things interesting and most importantly, the classes are always so much fun!

I have noticed a huge change in my body since I started Body Buster; I have lost inches and my clothes fit better. I have also seen improvement in my muscle definition, endurance and feel stronger than I have in years.

I choose to stay with Body Buster because I know I am always going to get an amazing work out. The instructors are great and are always pushing you to go beyond what you think you can do. It’s such a welcoming environment and I get so much support and encouragement from my fellow Body Buster members.

I have learned so much from being a Body Buster member. The instructors, especially Dani and Huy, have shown me how to challenge myself and see more results. They are constantly showing me how to go to the next level, just making small changes can really help to see results.

It’s so important to me to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I want to stay healthy for my family and to keep doing the things we love, especially hiking and travelling. I feel healthy and strong and I want to live life to the fullest.

If you are looking for something new, then Body Buster is the program for you. You will see results and enjoy each class, even when it’s difficult. It can be so hard to try and work out on your own, especially when life gets busy. It’s always best to be around people that are going to support you and give you the motivation to keep going.