I have been a body buster member for almost 3 years. I joined with the intention of just trying one session, as my kids were young and my home life was busy but 3 years later I’m still going!
The thing I like most about the Body Buster Program is that every class is different, so you never get bored. It’s a great stress relief, and a time during the week that I get to focus on myself and my goals. It’s a great group of people, of all fitness levels that come together with a common goal to improve overall health. I’ve never kept track of weight or inches lost, as my goals have always been set around decreasing stress and improving in stamina and strength.
My membership has continued for as long as it has because it keeps me focused and on track with my fitness goals. Despite the crazy schedule that having a young family can bring, Body Buster keeps me committed to my health. I can always make time for my classes whether it be the morning class before I go to work or the evening class to destress after a busy day. The instructors have always gone above and beyond with flexibility in my schedule to ensure that I can always make it work!
The program has made me feel confident in my strength and abilities. It has pushed me physically and I’ve noticed great strides in my cardio and overall strength. It’s a great way to start or end your day and puts me in a good place mentally and physically!
By committing to Body Buster I have developed a new routine where I make my health and fitness a priority. I’ve set goals and been able to reach them but most importantly I’ve met some great people and had a lot of fun!
If you’ve never taken a Body Buster class I encourage you to try it! I did and I’m still going strong 3 years later!

*Results may vary from person to person

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