I have been a Body Buster member for about 5 years.

What I like about Body Buster is that every class is different and a really good workout incorporating both strength and cardio. The instructors are so supportive and motivating and love that they don’t go easy on us, even if an exercise or class is a bit more challenging. I also like feeling part of a community with each program. I’ve built relationships with other members that have been regulars for much longer than me and I love that we cheer each other on.

I’m down 2 pant sizes, have more muscle tone and feel stronger. The workouts for me are so awesome and leave me feeling like I’ve accomplished something after each class. The results I’m seeing are worth the investment plus I love working out with my Franklin Horner 7:30 pm family. I also like that I have the option to go to other classes at other locations for either a make up class or just to spice things up with being lead by another instructor.

I definitely feel less tired and stronger. I am also more motivated to keep active. I normally do classes 2x week but also walk daily (especially since getting a dog) and I actually feel guilty if I don’t make the effort to be active on a daily basis.

I think the biggest thing I’ve gained is being part of a community that has similar health related goals. I love seeing the same ppl at class and also meeting new faces! Body Buster is very much a part of my health routine and don’t think I’d be as fit as I am today without it.

I want to feel good about myself and both physical and mental health are a big part of that. I also want to set a good example for my kids. I’m always telling them about the importance of healthy eating and getting exercise. They’ve watched me do make up classes at high park or laps around the track near our house and they are my biggest cheerleaders 🙂

There are many ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine but for me, Body Buster has worked so well that I haven’t tried anything else. The workouts are amazing and I can do it at my own pace or try the more challenging die hard option and no matter what, I feel great at the end of class. Also, no matter your exercise level or experience, there is no judgment and you will be welcomed and supported from day 1!

You have to make exercise part of your routine and develop a habit around it. As soon as you find a reason not go for that walk, or run or exercise class, you’ve set yourself up to fail or miss the next exercise opportunity. I don’t always feel like going to class but I remind myself of the benefits and the commitment I made by signing up for membership and that usually gets my butt out of the house which is the first step!

*Results may vary from person to person

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