I joined Body Buster Fitness in May of 2016. It was a friend that signed me up for a one month program. To be honest I was not very happy about it and scared as heck. I knew I was really out of shape and it would be very hard. I have never played sports or been an “athletic” type, so joining in on a boot camp seemed ridiculous for me.
Before I started Body Buster I was noticing a huge decline in my health and strength. Things that I use to do without thinking had become difficult such as running upstairs, squatting down or even dumping a bag of dog food into the storage container. I was starting to feel old. I don’t mind getting old I just didn’t like the way I was feeling.
I did 1 month at first and yes it was hard, but what I noticed is that I stopped hurting on a regular basis and I could run up the stairs without any effort, garden and haul dirt for a day without being out of breath. So, when my inside voice said you need to sign up for 6 months and continue I listened. (I usually only listen to my inside voice when it says” sit on the couch, eat popcorn and drink wine.”)
What I really like about Body Buster is that you have set times you are committed to, this keeps you on track and accountable. I love that I don’t have to worry about being in time with music, I can just focus on the exercise at my own pace. I work at home so sometimes when I get caught up in a project I don’t leave the yard for days or even go outside so having the class outside is great. I also like that class is constantly changing and it is never boring.
Now that the 6 months is up I have resigned for the year program. My over-all health and strength has improved greatly. As I approach a milestone birthday this year I am not afraid of feeling old instead I am excited to see how far I can push my non-athletic body. I have not kept track of inches or pounds lost, in the past I have only exercised to lose weight and if that doesn’t happen it is very hard for me mentally so this time I decided to make it about fitness and if I lost weight that would be a bonus.
I would highly recommend the Body Buster Fitness program to anyone at any fitness level. Kim, Breanna and Emma have a wonderful way of calmly encouraging you to push your limits. They quickly can make changes to the program if you have an injury or need an alternative exercise. I was worried I would be judged by the others in the class but instead I felt encouragement and motivation from my fellow boot campers. Body buster has been the best fitness program I have ever been a part of, I look forward to the next year of classes and I am excited to see the changes that continue.