“Even during the off week, my body seems to crave the physical activity demanded during each class.”

I have been a Body Buster Fitness member since January 2018. After attending my first class, I realized that this was different from any other class that I’ve taken. The energy from the instructors was so motivational that despite my exhaustion from the exercises, I continued to push and then to push even further. I knew I needed a program with an instructor who was firm and held me accountable for my actions and Body Buster definitely has the right type of people to keep me motivated and in check. Not to mention the energy from my fellow Body Buster Fitness members has been amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and in the zone that there was no time for judgement or comparison.

To be honest, I’m not too sure how many inches or pounds that I’ve lost, but I feel so much stronger, firmer and all round tighter in all the right places.

Body Buster Fitness continues to keep me on my toes. Each class is different with regards to the exercises, activities and equipment. Every class seems to strengthen and work various areas without being monotonous and boring. My favourite part of the program like many others is being outside in High Park. I was hesitant at first because part of me was self-conscious and worried about my surroundings, but once I focused all my attention on the class, nothing else seemed to matter. I remember stretching on my mat looking up at the sky and thinking how beautiful it was to be able to enjoy nature while exercising and how lucky I was to have this experience.

Overall, I feel much stronger than when I first started. Throughout my life I was always fairly skinny and very weak. My frame of mind has shifted from being skinny to being strong. This was also the message I wanted to send to my daughters. Throughout my training with Body Buster Fitness I’ve moved from 5 lb weights to 8 lb weights, I can hold a plank a lot longer than I ever could and I have done things that I never thought I could, like 100+ lunges and unheard of amounts of burpees. Making Body Buster apart of my life has been a game changer for me in so many ways. My energy levels have increased which makes me more alert and engaged with my students and also with my own children.

There is a strong sense of community among the members and instructors which makes attending the program more enjoyable. By dedicating the time to attend each class, the instructors get to know me, as well as any goals that I may set out for the program and they make it a point to help me achieve my goals. Also, attending the program has been a huge stress reliever in my life. I feel so much happier and lighter after each class because for that one hour I was able to detach myself from the stresses of life. These are just a few reasons why Body Buster has and will continue to be apart of my life.

It is important for me to lead an active and healthy lifestyle for my own wellbeing, but more importantly for the sake of my family. I want to lead by example to show that our health should come first, therefore taking care of our bodies through exercise and a healthy diet should take priority and be a part of our daily routine.

I encourage others to try Body Buster Fitness to see for themselves what they can accomplish both physically and mentally. I personally never anticipated feeling as good as I do after every class. Even during the off week, my body seems to crave the physical activity demanded during each class. Once I got started there was no turning back and no stopping me. In my opinion, by trying Body Buster there’s nothing to lose, but so much to gain. My commitment of two hours a week to focus on me, without any distractions is not much in the grand scheme of things. The benefits and positive outcomes outweigh the hesitations and distractions that constantly get in my way. My dedication to Body Buster Fitness first started as a way to get active and strong, but has now become apart of my lifestyle where I can’t go without it.