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Morningside High Park Presbyterian Church

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Body Buster Fitness Live-on-Line bootcamp classes

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We are in our 14th year of operating a fitness bootcamp and have worked hard to capture the Body Buster Bootcamp Experience in a Live-on-Line bootcamp class format where each class is taught by 1 or 2 of our many qualified Body Buster Fitness Instructors.

We are pleased to announce that we will run several Live-on-Line bootcamp fitness classes from Monday to Friday each week and some  Saturdays.  Our goal is to remain Committed to Your Fitness® with Live-on-Line bootcamp fitness classes.

Please check out the  Live-on-Line bootcamp fitness class packages now available as well as the times for our class schedules for our Live-on-Line classes.


Indoor / Outdoor Toronto Bootcamp

This Toronto High Park Bootcamp location is in the heart of the High Park Swansea East of Runnymede & South of Bloor Street West on Kennedy & Morningside Ave. Indoor and outdoor Toronto Boot Camp location which enables Body Buster Members the best of each world. Having the ability to workout indoors and outdoors of the Church gym and auditorium is ideal for fall/winter/spring weather conditions. Located in a great community such as Bloor West Village, High Park Morningside Church is the ideal Body Buster Fitness Bootcamps location.
The large outdoor front yard is wonderful in early spring and late fall while the gym and auditorium serves great to Body Buster® Members in the colder months of the year. This is an ideal Body Buster fitness bootcamp location.
This Toronto High Park group fitness bootcamp program is perfect for both women and men of all fitness levels. Fitness Bootcamp is designed to get all of our Toronto High Park clients into shape fast and effective! This Swansea High Park group fitness boot camp program and its classes work your entire body!
Expect to challenge yourself as Body Buster Fitness works you out boot camp style using core conditioning, obstacle courses, yoga, drills, strength training, circuit training, stretching, and much more!

Summer Body Buster Fitness Bootcamps are relocated to High Park Picnic Area #3. (May-September)



4 Morningside Ave,
Toronto, ON M6S 1C2

Parking on Kennedy Ave. and  The Palisades and Entrance off of Kennedy Ave.

Monday – 6:30 PM, Tuesday – 6:30 PM, Thursday – 6:30 PM,

Monday – 7:30PM

St. Pauls Anglican Church Runnymede – Is another Body Buster Fitness locations in the High Park/Bloor West Village area offering bootcamp classes on Wednesday 6:30pm, 7:30pm & Friday 6:30pm. Members may attend any classes at any Body Buster Toronto and Etobicoke locations.


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All members receive access to the Body Buster App and Online Portal. Accelerate your results by having the ability to track your fitness activities and calories burned and join the Body Buster online community for additional motivation and support.

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