I started Body Buster in 2020 for a brief moment when outdoor exercise programs were allowed. I returned when Body Buster Fitness reopened and have been with the program for the last year.

I really enjoy that it is outdoor for most of the year. Also the program is well designed – different sets of exercises for each class; build up in the 4 week capsules; and the instructors are interested in my personal development.

In the last year, I have gotten stronger moving to heavier weights in the last few months. My cardio has also improved. At one point I felt the heavier weights were too hard and was ready to return to my lighter weights. I was given great pointers to transition into the heavier weights so that I could continue to build on my successes and keep moving forward and continue to achieve better results.

The stand-out for Body Buster Fitness are the instructors. They are professional, personable, prepared and most importantly genuinely fun. They teach to your ability making everyone in the class feel that they are always achieving their personal best.

The Body Buster program got me back to exercising every week. Every class has a different set of exercises, incorporates different equipment and sometimes includes working with a partner/group. I make it a part of my week now, because I look forward to the class (even if there is the chance of burpees!).

I truly believe that being healthy is the foundation that one needs to discover and face the unexpected. I may not be the fastest to climb the mountain; however I will reach the top of the mountain. Last year, to celebrate a friend’s 60th a group of us went to Zion Park to hike trails that reached over 2000ft. You want to be your best self when you set personal challenges, face life detours or simply just have to deal with a plain bad rainy day.

One can start the Body Buster program at any level and be challenged. Be outdoors. Enjoy being with like-minded people. Have fun (maybe not so much on burpee days)!

Set goals that are realistic. If you can only commit to 2 hours a week (like I did) and you start to see results (like I did) you will continue with the program. Start with what you can do today. You will feel the successes of achieving your goal and you will commit to this for yourself because you will start to see how even some weekly exercise will impact your day-to-day.

*Results may vary from person to person

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