I have been a Body Buster Fitness member since September 2019. I started seeing results right away and by the end of the first session, I could hold a plank for one minute. My husband and children have been very supportive and keep me motivated to continue my Body Buster journey.

What I like most about the Body Buster Program are the instructors and variety of classes. All of the instructors are very supportive and keep you encouraged and motivated throughout all exercises. Each class routine is different and there are always modifications available if needed. The schedule flexibility is helpful because you can go to the classes that fit your lifestyle best which can vary season to season.

Since starting with Body Buster Fitness I have gained muscle and strength. My clothes fit better and my family and friends see how much healthier, fit and energetic I am and regularly comment on my biceps!

I have continued with Body Buster Fitness because everyone is so friendly and supportive and I really feel the overall health benefits. The variety of indoor and outdoor classes over the year keeps every workout interesting and challenging.

The training program has made me feel more healthy and confident. I sleep well, have more energy, and am much stronger from my muscle development. I am now in the process of moving from five to eight pound weights.

Being a member of Body Buster has helped me gain a positive outlook on the future of my health. I am a happier person and have lots of energy at work and for activities with family and friends. A positive from attending classes is the social aspect of being with other Body Busters that share the same goals. Everyone encourages and supports each other no matter of their abilities and fitness level. The instructors are friendly while keeping us working hard to get results. One of the big gains from the program is that one of my fellow Body Busters is my new employer. I am excited for my stronger and happier future!

I feel it is important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle to enjoy and live a long life. Body Buster Fitness has given me the strength to look forward to an active and healthy future.

I would like to tell others who have not taken the Body Buster Program before that they should start now to meet their health goals. Between the amazing instructors and supportive fellow Body Busters anyone of any fitness level will do well and fit right in to the classes. You will feel and see the results quickly for a better you!

We all have very busy lives and make excuses not to exercise but this is one thing we should prioritize. Sometimes it is hard to get moving but once you get the Body Buster shirt on, grab your weights, mat and water bottle you will instantly feel that positive “I can do this” feeling. The Body Buster Program allows you to book your classes ahead of time to keep you accountable and schedule other commitments around your “me time”. Family and friends will know these are the times you are dedicating to yourself so you can be your best “you”.

My Body Buster experience has been one of the most positive and rewarding experiences of my life. I have met so many great people. The flexible schedule, Saturdays, online and hybrid options allow everyone to choose the best option to fit their life. The App and website make it easy to join or change a class if necessary. The instructors always bring the “fun” theme to the classes especially to celebrate holidays. We all love those Christmas classes and occasionally there is Body Buster trivia and prizes for some friendly competition. I have been so happy to be a Body Buster and look forward to continuing my healthy future with the support of my Body Buster team cheering me on along the way!!

*Results may vary from person to person

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