I started my workout with Body Buster on July 4th, 2022. I love the variations in workout along with multiple options that suit our needs especially when you have some past injuries or not well a 100% during the workout. The liveliness of the class is amazing and 60 minutes pass by fast with all the amazing trainers.

I have managed to lose some weight but what I have experienced is the increase in my stamina and endurance especially after Covid where life was restricted indoors. I was able to complete my half marathon immediately after getting out of Covid because I was doing my workouts regularly.

I will continue to be part of Body Buster as long as I’m here at High Park. Body Buster has become part of my routine. (I’m sure I’m going to stay much longer).

I feel amazing and full of energy. I love the way trainers gauge our strengths and push us to keep doing better each time. I have improved in terms of my muscle memory and even after 2 months of vacation I was able to get back and all thanks to Body Buster since when we are in class it’s always a 100% that all of us give.

I have gained a lot of confidence in myself in terms of doing any physical activity. I was passing through a transition phase and was looking for something that will keep me happy and joining Body Buster filled all the parameters I was looking forward to for myself. Along with the physical aspect it has helped me mentally challenge myself especially when I run my tempo runs. I’m also able to get my heart rate lower because of the mix of workouts we have. I love the different equipment workouts and it’s always a surprise to see new things coming up. With the smile on the trainer’s face we know what’s coming next and it’s a Burpee!!!! I love the energy and the positivity in class. Everyone cheered for each other after a hard workout.

It’s important to have an active and healthy lifestyle because with the long hours of sitting and working our body already takes a toll which we realize slowly. The workouts relieve the stiffness from our body and help us to be positive and stay away from any illnesses.

I would always ask people to try it because I initially joined for a program to see if I will survive, and I did programs after programs and now close to a year. The variation for the exercises gives people an opportunity to continue workout without causing any harm. The trainers pay keen attention to everyone in class and constantly keep checking on everyone’s progress. The park workouts are fun and it inspires a lot of them to come and join.

I would like to tell anyone leading busy lives and having an excuse not to exercise that working out is one thing that helps you connect with yourself more than anything else. An excuse will take you away from connecting with yourself. Nothing beats a nice sleep after a hard workout so why rob yourself away from a good night sleep. While working out you discover a lot of things that you never thought you could do in your life.

My first day at Body Buster I was in a lot of panic since I could not find the location at High Park. Jamie was on the phone and guided me and when I reached Dani welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. I think my heart melted at that moment and I was sold to continue my journey with Body Buster. I absolutely love the classes, trainers and the people I workout with are joy to be around. After the workout it feels that I have attained something that no one can take away from me is the sense of feeling stronger and healthier.