After I had my second child, I decided to change my life. I never was a sporty girl but I was at a point of change. I found Body Buster online, but it actually took me more than 4 weeks to register. I was scared. I mean I tried different gyms and diets but never bootcamps. How will that be? Screaming and yelling instructors? Crawling through mud? I had no idea. I visited their webpage very often and finally registered. This was exactly 1.5 half years ago.

Today I am addicted and hardly can miss a class. I like the exhausted feeling after the workout and it feels that I achieved something. The endorphines after are giving me the power to go through the long day with my two very active children. I have dreams which now became goals.

I lost over 33 pounds and several inches and it is still dropping. My clothes fit so much better. I feel so much better and I am in the best shape of my life right now. That is why I chose to stay with Body Buster. The results already are amazing. For me it is the way to combine an active and healthy lifestyle with the busy life of a mother, wife and my future career. I hardly can imagine to stop, I would miss my 6am guys, my instructors, the sweat and even the muscle soreness. It is my me time, my breakout of the day.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease and had to take high dosed medication which could be reduced this year. I also feel stronger and overall more fit to keep up with my kids. It is so much more fun to be active on a playground or in the swimming pool instead of standing at the side. I could show my daughter how to ride a bike and run at her side, which was impossible before.

I gained dedication to more constantly workout then I would do alone. I got a lot more motivation by working out in a team. Body Buster transformed my mindset that sport is torture to enjoying an activity. It is just the beginning of a change

As a mother, I am a role model to my kids. They get inspired by everything you do and not do and this will influence their way of life in future.
Give Body Buster a try. You won’t regret it. The whole team is supporting and always there to help you achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter what kind of fitness level you are. It is designed for everyone. This program is so flexible it will fit in any busy schedule. There are no excuses anymore.

Thank you Body Buster especially Dani for supporting and believing in me. For pushing me towards my goals. I am still not at the end of my journey but now I know everything is possible. And I also want to thank my 6am buddies at Franklin Horner. They are so inspiring and encouraging. This makes getting up early in the morning so much easier!