My first BodyBuster session started on April 20, 2015.

What I like most about the program is the positive approach taken by all the instructors. There is constant encouragement, and everyone is made to feel like a valued part of the class. Modifications to exercises are offered without anyone having to ask, which means people don’t feel singled out. I also like that each class feels different. Since I joined, I have never done the exact same workout.

I don’t weigh or measure myself, but I know that all my clothes fit comfortably again, and people comment on how I look fit.

I continue with Body Buster classes because they are fun. An hour goes by in what feels like a heartbeat, and I like that there are other people around. I would never work so hard by myself. Having been with Travis and Emily exclusively the last few months, I have built up a rapport with them, and they are terrific instructors. Overall, the instructors are very high quality.

My energy level, which is normally high, has gotten even higher. Doing all the class work, and seeing the results, has made me focus more on healthy eating, and doing other physical activities. I feel stronger, and I have even gotten to the point where I don’t totally hate running. This counts as a near-miracle. Improving on something like that makes me feel as though I can tackle anything.

Being a member of Body Buster has given me a sense of achievement. When I joined, I had quit the gym, because it was boring. I wanted to dynamite myself out of a fitness rut, and Body Buster turned out to be exactly what I needed. The upbeat attitude of all the instructors, along with the other members of my class, make working out joyful. As well, I am accountable to a group of people, and that helps me prioritize fitness when I’m arranging my schedule.

An active and healthy lifestyle makes me feel empowered, and it reduces illness.

Come out and try it. Some people are scared by the “boot camp” format, because they think it might involve yelling and intimidating instructors, but Body Buster is welcoming and fun.

Your health is just as important as any other thing in your life. Making yourself healthier and happier has positive effects on the lives of those around you. It’s vital that you take care of yourself in order to take care of others. You can’t draw water from an empty well.

I love Body Buster, and I can see why there are members who have been around for 6 years. I am always talking about how much I enjoy the classes, and while I may shift the schedule from time to time, I have never missed a classes completely (within a four week program).