I’ve been a Body Buster member for over five years.

I like that it gets me out and active and not bored of my exercise routine. I use it as the back bone of my fitness routine and try to add in other cardio and yoga work outs throughout the week. But even if I only manage to do my classes, I know I’ve had a full and well-rounded work out that week!

I’ve been focusing more on maintaining and improving my strength and stamina.
I like the flexibility of the program and the fact that the workouts are both fun and challenging. I always find the instructors enthusiastic and motivating and I’ve never been bored with a work out after all these years! I also like the fact that it gets me outside to exercise in the spring, summer and fall.

I know Body Buster Fitness has improved my cardio and core strength and it’s also forced me to focus on areas of my body that I typically ignore or shy away from (legs and back). So it’s pushed me outside of my comfort zone in a safe and monitored environment.

I like the camaraderie of the group work outs and having other members in the class pushes me to work harder and try to improve on my last work out. I especially appreciate how helpful the whole team has been in guiding me through two knee surgery rehabilitations and modifying the workouts to suit my limitations.
I’ve been active all my life and I know that when I stop moving and exercising, I deal less well with stress. I also know that if you don’t use it you lose it and I intend to be active throughout my life so I know I need to work to maintain my fitness level. I also know that when I am less active, my various body aches and pains bother me more, so continuing to move is my way of hopefully avoiding illness as I age.

Come on out and give it a try! It’s a great group of dedicated people who are just waiting to help you achieve your fitness goals. I like the fact that there’s something for everyone in each class and I think it’s a testament that so many of the members continue to return month after month!

I think that the most important thing to try to do is ask ‘when am I going to work out today/this week?’ instead of ‘am I going to work out’. I struggle sometimes with thinking that if I can’t work out for an hour or ½ an hour then it’s not worth it, but I think it’s better to hop on the bike for 10-20 minutes then do nothing at all. I also know that although I often don’t feel like working out, I always feel better after wards and that usually will help motivate me!

I just genuinely appreciate the flexibility and interest of the instructors. I find all of them so well versed and they really pay attention to details, personal injuries and individual fitness levels of every member of the class. They are professional and fun and I have been very impressed by their ability to come up with alternative exercises when someone in the group is unable to do one of the exercises. The workouts are efficient, challenging and fun!