I have been with Body Buster Fitness since 2014. It’s been the best decision I made and the best 3 years of my life.
I like the flexibility Body Buster Fitness has to offer. I have a very active active lifestyle with 3 kids, completing my degree online and working running my mobile dental hygiene business. Body Buster Fitness accommodates my schedule, and their flexibility with make up classes is a great benefit to the program. Kim is an amazing instructor and the team of trainers create a positive atmosphere to the workout sessions. Their willingness to help me achieve my goals is something I value most as well as their understanding that we all come from different backgrounds and lifestyle.
I joined Body Buster to become healthier and to increase strength/muscle mass. Having a mobile practice with heavy equipment, I need my body to perform at a level where weight training would help me lift things without injuring myself and have strong core muscles that I have built in the program has been a huge asset to my work environment. I have definitely seen the results of the muscle mass I’ve built in inches around my shoulders, arms, and legs.
Body Buster is a part of my life. I feel like its my workout family with all my fellow members and trainers its been a very comfortable environment to help achieve fitness and health goals. Going to the gym and working out, looking in the mirror while working out is quite boring and since joining Body Buster, I would never go back to the gym for many reasons. Firstly, I really like that it is outdoor depending on the weather, having sessions outside in the fresh air and nature takes my fitness to another level. As well as the variety in every session, its different every time from tabata workout, to ladders and the list goes on. The exceptional trainers that offer a variety of workouts and comfortable, fun environment allow me to not only enjoy my workout session, but reap the health benefits at the same time.
Body Buster is part of my life and defines who I am. People often think boot camp in a negative context, but Body Buster boot camp sessions are nothing but positive, Kim and the team of trainers offer modifications to exercises, and encourage you during each session and for some that may not be important, but it makes a difference to my attitude and willingness to work harder during the sessions. I also like that the class times also are convenient with our schedule, my husband and I work out during the 6am sessions, which is a great way to start our day together. Its a unisex class and I’ve never felt intimidated to have male workout members.
For others who want to know more about Body Buster Fitness, it’s fun, positive, indoor and outdoor, and the best fitness experience I have ever had, it’s everything I want and need. Their bonus classes, member appreciation sessions bring a friend, all are great qualities I value, it took me a year to get my husband to join Body Buster and the bring a friend and try out the class is a great way for others to get a feel for what its all about.
Overall, there is nothing negative I can say about Body Buster, very professional, personable trainers and I can’t ask for anything else, so I am a member for the rest of my life!!