I’ve been bustin’ my body since the spring of 2020 – whenever it was we were allowed out of our houses again! I love so many things about Body Buster!! I love that all of the classes are different, the instructors are all incredibly friendly and helpful, and everyone encourages each other. It’s a such a positive environment, accommodating for ALL fitness levels, and flexible for all schedules.

Since joining Body Buster Fitness, I’ve noticed that my running endurance has improved, my clothes fit better, and I notice more muscle definition. I think there might even be an ab or two poking through!! I’ve continued with Body Buster Fitness because it gets RESULTS!! But also, because on top of being incredibly fun, it’s also extremely flexible. I love that I can do as many or as few classes as I want, it’s easily adaptable to my schedule. And I also love the flexibility within the classes themselves – modifications are always given, and instructors are always making sure that everyone has the options they need to optimize their workout. I also love knowing exactly how much of a time commitment working out is going to be – only 1 hour! Who doesn’t have one hour to dedicate to themselves?!

The program has made me feel great – I’ve noticed a change in my strength, and I’ve already increased the size of the weights I use in class twice since joining the program! I also feel like it has been great cross training for my running, and that I feel better when I do my races, largely because of the work that I’ve done with Body Buster Fitness. But it’s not just physical – it’s improved my mental health as well. I am a very social person, and I love the in person classes, especially since I joined as soon as the lockdown restrictions were lifted – I was craving not only physical activity, but socialization as well, and Body Buster gave me both! I feel like I have gained so much from Body Buster Fitness – more self confidence, and a willingness to push myself further than I normally would, thanks to the encouragement from the instructors. And I KNOW that I’ve gained friends as well! Not only the instructors, but members of the classes – everyone who comes to Body Buster has such a positive attitude, and is so supportive, it’s very easy to make new friendships that extend beyond the classes! I’ve also gained a sense of pride – seeing the results from putting in the work really makes me feel great!

It’s important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle for your physical AND mental health! When you feel good physically, that often carries over to feeling good mentally. And Body Buster Fitness is not only a great workout, but it’s also a lot of FUN, so it really improves multiple aspects of life.

I would say to someone who has never taken Body Buster before, just give it a try! The program is so flexible that you can make as much or as little of a commitment as you want! And don’t let the term “bootcamp” fool you – no one is going to scream in your face calling you a lousy maggot – this is encouraging and empowering bootcamp, not in-your-face-screaming bootcamp. Body Buster truly just wants to see everyone be their best selves, and to help them get there as best they can! It’s only an hour. Whether you choose to make it one hour a week, or one hour a day for however many days you can is up to you, but it’s only an hour! It is so worth it to take the time for yourself, and you are definitely worth MORE than an hour, but in this case, an hour is all you need!

Body Buster Fitness is truly an inclusive environment – whether the only running you do is away from commitment, or you’re a regular at the gym. There’s always a way to make the class easier or harder, to work around last minute schedule changes, to modify around injury or pain, and Body Buster people are some of the best people you’ll ever meet! I can’t wait to see where my Body Buster journey takes me next, and I’m so happy to have such fantastic people on the journey with me! ❤️

*Results may vary from person to person

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