I have been a Body Buster member since February 2015

What I like most are the variations in exercises every class and program. The locations are in close proximity to my home. The flexibility managing make up classes and great customer service. The staff are nice people. You get to push yourself. It’s much like having a personal trainer. You get what feels like personalized attention from each trainer. Because they pay attention and care about your progress and success they know when you can push that little bit harder. 

I have lost 4 inches off waist, Lost 20 lbs, Gained muscle & I can actually run a 1km in a respectable time. 

I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because It works! Body Buster classes keep me interested because they are different every time. 

The Body Buster program has made me feel in terms of overall health very motivated to keep going because it works, my diet is better, less aches & pains and it keeps me feeling young.

I have gained so much from being a member of Body Buster and taking the Program. Accountability, confidence, great health, Fun and peace of mind that I’m doing my best to be healthy for my family.

I feel its important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. If you want to live long you have to exercise and be active. Plain and simple! Why not do it in a fun way that gives you a bit of everything yet still feels like it’s focused and logical. You look better and feel better. 

We all know we have to work out so may as well do it effectively and with purpose. You do your work two or three times a week and its scheduled. If life gets in the way you have the flexibility to make up the class. 

To be successful you have to schedule time for your health just like you schedule anything else. 

My last advice is pick something fun and challenging at the same time and you will be more likely to stick with it. A lot of times the other fitness programs are simply not effective so people just give up due to lack of results. 

No such concern with Body Buster Fitness. 

I feel like my classmates are my training partners and it helps hold me accountable to come to class ready to work. So even when I don’t feel like working out I still go and always end up getting a great Body Buster workout in.