Marianne and Jared

Marianne says:

I have been a Body Buster Fitness member for just over one year, I started my first program in January 2016. Body Buster is the most accommodating workout program I have ever been a part of. Their team will always work around any scheduling issues, missed classes or health difficulties to ensure you get the most benefit from their program. One of my favourite things about Body Buster is how much support and accommodation you receive individually from the instructors, they encourage as well as help you throughout each class. 

Since I have started with Body Buster Boot Camp I have lost over 10 pounds and toned overall on my body. My husband and I joined Body Buster together and we have continued with their program because it constantly gives us a challenge. No two classes are ever identical, and I find I always get a full body workout (Currently though my shoulder muscles are taking the brunt of it from all those amazing pushups during ball class last week)! Overall this workout program has improved my stamina when it comes to cardio, especially running and I feel stronger throughout all my daily activities.

Being a member of the Body Buster program has taught me not to give up on myself and the goals I wish to achieve when it comes to overall health benefits. Some days it is very difficult to motivate myself to workout but the Body Buster inclusive and supportive atmosphere always makes this challenge easier. I have also gained a lot of knowledge on healthier eating and what is best to consume before as well as after a workout. Knowing these tips has also helped me to accomplish my goals and stay on track throughout each and every program! It is very important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle no matter the situation or hurdles that get in your way. Eating right and exercising has not only made me feel more energetic and happier but has also boosted my confidence and made me a better person. I would recommend this program to other friends and family and have brought them with me on numerous occasions. I always tell them the classes will be difficult in the beginning and feel like they are never going to finish but it gets better! I would tell someone who has never been in this program before that if they want a challenge and a full body workout with maximum support and encouragement then Body Buster would be a great fit for them.

For those individuals like me who find it difficult to get motivated and moving these classes give you the extra push that you need. When I feel like I just have no energy left and nothing more to give, the trainers somehow manage to get me to give them 10 more burpees! Whether you work out through a program or on your own, pushing yourself just over your comfort zone is what truly gives you results, as well as following a healthy diet. If you need information and help learning about these things joining Body Buster and talking with their team will definitely help you realize your goals as it has done for me.

Jared says:

I have been a part of the Body Buster Fitness program for over one year. I started this program with my wife in January of 2016. The best part of Body Buster for me is the benefits it provides with my job. I work for a company that requires a vast amount of physical labor, and having done these classes has really helped me develop my muscles to improve my performance at work. My main goal through Body Buster was to gain muscle and tone overall, which I have done. Like I mentioned before I have continued with Body Buster because of the improved performance I have had at work. Another reason I have continued is because of the flexibility of the program. 

I have had many changes throughout the past year and even with all these obstacles the Body Buster team has worked with me and made my continuation and success possible. In overall health this program has made me stronger and improved my stamina and endurance when it comes to physical activity. I have always had healthy eating habits and tried to follow a proper diet and the additional information given to me through this program has enhanced this aspect of my life.

I have definitely gained a positive outlook on proper diet and physical activity while continuing on my Body Buster journey. I have met a lot of new people and realize that everyone is working towards a common goal and having the right tools and resources at your fingertips makes this process so much easier. I started working out at a young age and really enjoyed it and now that I am in a different phase of my life I have realized I can continue to workout and enjoy the benefits while still having a good time. 

I believe it is important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle to keep your body in shape and enjoy your life as much as you can. I would recommend this program to my friends and family if they want to either lose weight, tone their bodies or just stay in great shape overall. The workouts are provided to ensure that no matter what your specific goal is, it can be met. I would tell someone who has never done a Body Buster program before that the trainers are very knowledgeable and educated when it comes to all areas of fitness, the physical aspect, stretching and proper diet. If you have any questions or concerns they are very approachable and will do their best to answer you. Lastly, Body Buster has a very inclusive environment, no one ever feels left out or inferior to others, everyone is accepting and friendly.

I do not think there is no excuse for anyone to avoid exercise, there is always time for working out you just have to allow for this time and sometimes even push yourself a little bit. I have a very difficult schedule to work with in my personal life but with the help of the team as well as my own motivation (and my wife pushing me) I always make time to attend the classes and exercise. Joining Body Buster Fitness and keeping yourself moving is hard work but the determination and follow through always pays off!