Hannah and Vanessa

Hannah says:

I have been a part of the Body Buster team for almost two years now, and it has completely switched my life around.
I love Body Buster because its an amazing balance of a hard core workout, all at your own pace. Body Buster has pushed me passed my limits, and taught me that I’m capable of anything. I love the aspect that Body Buster is a family, and a time and place to connect with myself, others and especially a bonding time with my mother.
I have lost a total of 20 pounds, and continuing to lose. I’ve chosen to continue Body Buster because its a place where my mom and I have a special time to bond, and strengthen our relationship. It brings us closer, and gives us time to get in the best shape possible. After finishing a Body Buster class, I come home knowing I worked myself to my fullest potential, and I’m in a calm, happy and powerful mindset.
I believe its truly important to be active and fit at a young age because it prolongs your health and wellbeing for the future. I encourage people to join Body Buster because you know you will never leave the class feeling disappointed. I know how far I can push myself and overtime I’ve seen a dramatic increase from where I’ve started. Body Buster has changed me for the better and will continue to give me a better, healthier life.

Vanessa says:

This month will mark our 2 year anniversary as Body Buster members! What I like most best about Body Buster is that no two classes are ever the same. You never get bored and your body never gets used to doing the same exercises. I never thought there could be so many different exercises. I don’t really weigh myself, but I think I have lost about 10 pounds total. But more importantly I am fitting back into clothes again that are 2 sizes smaller that had been packed away for a couple years waiting to be worn again after having my youngest daughter!

I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because it works and it’s the only thing I have ever done that I have been able to stick with. I actually look forward to attending every week. Even if I am tired or had a very long day and the thought of not wanting to go gets into my head, once I start exercising I am always glad I went and have such a feeling of accomplishment after the class!
I definitely feel like I have the best strength and flexibility I have ever had. When I first started I couldn’t hold a plank for even 10 seconds or do regular push-ups, but now 2 years later I can confidently do them. I never thought I’d be able to do that. I am definitely still working on my endurance for running, but I enjoy trying to go further each time. Some days do feel really hard, but other days I actually enjoy running. It’s all about changing your mindset and not being fearful of it – I try to embrace it even if I know it’s going to be uncomfortable.

Being a Body Buster member I feel I have gained or sure. It’s a total change in mindset in believing that you can do what you put your mind to. It shows that if you actually stick with it, it will come easier and more enjoyable. Having a firmer body or defined arms is great for sure, but it’s so great to know that you can keep up with your children or younger people and be a positive role model. It has also helped me in other aspects of life to have endurance when things are difficult, and to have a positive mindset when work or personal issues arise. You don’t need to accept that getting older means you can’t be strong or accomplish new feats. I didn’t start doing this until I was over 40, and I feel totally confident that I will be in better shape at age 50 than I was at 40!

For me, it’s important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle because I want to be a positive role model for my two girls and show them that being healthy and active is a lifelong commitment and should be a part of your regular life. I want to be able to keep up with the, m and have the energy to do the things I want. I also really enjoy doing things with them – I do the boot camp classes with my older daughter who is almost 17 and hope that my little one who is 5 will want to do these types of things with me too!

For anyone who hasn’t taken the Body Buster Program before – Don’t be afraid to try it. Sure, starting a new exercise program is really hard, I won’t say that it’s easy! But once you can make it part of your everyday life, you will feel so proud of yourself. I always say that things that are really important and worth doing are rarely easy, but the sense of accomplishment overwhelming.
As with most people I have a very busy life, working long and intellectually draining hours at work, and raising my two kids that are 11 years apart. After work it is easy to say I’m too tired to do this. But the hours are super flexible. I have taken 6 am classes many times when my work schedule allows, and am also able to switch classes to other weeknights to accommodate work or childcare responsibilities. Many different types of classes are not this flexible, so it’s easy to miss classes and not be able to make them up. But with Body Buster, there are no excuses! Even if you’re away on vacation, you can make up classes after you get back.

One area that is super inspiring are the instructors and the other members. The instructors are all excellent, know what they’re doing to ensure no one hurts themselves and can modify an exercise for anyone who needs it. They don’t make anyone feel like a failure if you are new to the classes, or have any restrictions. They are also lighthearted and funny and will make you laugh even when you feel like you can’t do one more burpee or squat! They make you want to push harder even if you thought you couldn’t. I love it because it’s not competitive and everyone is made to feel welcome, like part of a family. And I truly find all the members to be so kind and supportive. You really come to look forward to seeing the same people week after week. Everyone is so welcoming of my daughter as well, no one has ever treated her like a ‘’kid”. It’s a testament to the program that so many people have attended for so long.