I have been a Body Buster Fitness member since November 2017.

What I like most about Body Buster is that the classes are always different. We don’t do the same routine every day which makes it fun to do. The instructors and fellow Body Busters keep me motivated to give it all I’ve got.

I have lost some weight and have gained strength and endurance. When I started these classes I did not think I would ever be able to get my endurance back and I love that I can feel my muscles burn after every class.

I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because it keeps me honest. If I were to exercise at home I would continue to make excuses of not having enough time and believe me I have tried!
In terms of overall health, I feel great after these 6+ months of Boot Camp. I am more active with my children and can keep up with them most of the time. I eat better without really thinking about it.
From being a part of Body Buster I have gained confidence in myself. After my battle with cancer 7 years ago I was never able to go back to what I could do before. Going on a hike I would panic because I didn’t think I could do it as my endurance was slim to none. Body Buster has given me my confidence back as I have gained my endurance back.

I would tell someone who has never taken a Body Buster class that you have to try it. It’s a great class that will keep you true to you. Yes it is hard and you feel your muscles burn every class but that is GOOD!! Push through the pain and you will gain a lot!