About 5 years ago, I knew my lifestyle had to change. As I was aging and was devoting myself to my family and my job, I was inconsistent about looking after my fitness and I noticed a deterioration in my balance, cardio and strength. I had tried many things such as exercise videos, a fitness membership, equipment purchases, and fitness classes but I never managed to maintain any of it. I needed something more that would keep me motivated, interested and wanting to continue. I decided to enrol at Body Buster Fitness and I knew that by exercising in the morning, I would have no excuses. I took the plunge and signed up for a 6 am session at PLAST. I was quite nervous and I knew it would be hard so I actually trained for several weeks before my first session!

After that first session, I knew Body Buster was for me. I loved the variety, the warm ups, the 1 km run, ball day, and yes, I even loved the burpees, squats, lunges and planks. I began to make new friends that I now refer to as my “Bootcamp Buddies” and I feel that I belong to an elite group of people. We are all there to improve our fitness, and together we encourage and challenge each other. Somehow it seems easier to endure the hardships of getting out of bed super early, when I know that everybody else is going to make it there!

The instructors are great leaders and I have had the pleasure of meeting almost all of them whether it be at my regular class or a make up class. I appreciate their skills as I keep returning session after session. They personalize each class and their individual styles are both refreshing and challenging. And the fact that they recognize me and know me by name is important to me.

Since I have committed to Body Buster, I know that I have a better quality of life. My goal was to regain my strength and I have definitely done that and more. My balance is good and I no longer feel winded after a flight of stairs. I feel more independent because I can move furniture, lift heavy suitcases, and load our bikes and skis onto the racks. And finally, I can almost keep up with my kids when we downhill ski or go cycling! Thank you, Body Buster Fitness!