Milan and Carol

“We feel it’s important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.”

We both joined Body Buster together in late 2013 for the final program of that year so we are now into our third year with the Body Buster Program.

What we like most about about the Body Buster program is the trainers and the people in the groups we attend. They are all very encouraging and supportive. We like the fact that it does not concentrate on any one part of your body but instead the emphasizes is on your overall fitness.

We have lost both pounds and inches but more important we feel better.

We have chosen to continue because we like the Body Buster program and the people involved with it. We know that two nights a week we will be getting a good workout. We have much more energy, stamina and strength then when we first started the program. We find it helps with stress management and has improved our sleep patterns. We have been given both nutrition and exercise tips that we can incorporate outside Body Buster which improves our overall health.

We feel its important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle as we both have diabetes and heart issues in our family history which we would like to avoid getting as well.

If you haven’t taken the Body Buster Fitness program before, try It! You might find it is the program for you. If we can do it than anyone can. It is not a quick fix but part of a lifestyle change which has helped us to achieve an improved level of fitness and better overall health. You cannot afford not to exercise if quality of life is important to you then it has to become a part of your lifestyle.

For us, we were approaching our late fifties when we joined Body Buster. We have had some great people in our classes, along with our main trainers/instructors. Dani, Huy and Kara acted as role models and inspired us to progress and try and achieve our goals, notably Michael, Sandra, Maria and Kristina. If we can do the same for others as they did for us that will make it all the more worthwhile.