I’ve been a Body Buster Fitness member since 2014.

I love the variety of exercises. I like being outside but having the option to be inside during inclement weather and the winter. I appreciate the dedication and positive approach of the instructors. I appreciate the ability to use makeup classes to add flexibility to the schedule when my registered time slot may not work for me one week. 

Since starting Body Buster, I am down 10 or so lbs but more importantly I have better energy and can feel the difference in how clothes fit. 

I continued with the Body Buster program for all the reasons cited above and because, for me, I need the formality of a class to keep me consistent and committed to exercise each week. I have greater energy. I can feel that I am physically stronger.

Being a member of Body Buster has forced me to take stock of my fitness level. It has provided me a fun, engaging means of getting active and staying active. The winter months especially can be hard to get up and out to do anything. Knowing I have a standing appointment each Monday and Wednesday evening to get moving helps me stay on track. My fellow ‘classmates’ keep it fun and help challenge me. The leaders are great at keeping all of us motivated and engaged. 

In my younger years, I took my health and physical abilities for granted. As I age, I recognize how important it is to care for this body I have. I am fortunate to be able to be within a few years of retirement and I can’t imagine not being able to do all the things we have planned because I am physically restricted or too tired. 

To anyone who is just getting started with an exercise program, Body Buster is a great introduction. Your instructors will challenge you but they will also tailor an exercise to your abilities so you can start off slowly. Each class has a range of body types and abilities. The classes are always different so you can’t get bored. 

Keeping active is important for the here and now and being able to do the things that are important to you. To be fully engaged in whatever endeavours one is involved in you have to have the energy and the physical strength. Even more importantly staying active is for your future self. It’s building the foundation for a healthy happy and hopefully ripe old age.