Penny and Edie

Here’s what Penny has to say:

I have been a member at Body Buster Fitness since September 2013.
Every class is filled with excitement, challenges and new types of exercises. And let me not forget to include the amazing instructors who consistently motivate and encourage me to give it my all.
Since joining Body Buster Fitness, I have lost a bit of weight and several inches, but even more important I feel much stronger and healthier than ever. I am truly happy about this.
I have chosen to continue with Body Buster for many reasons. As stated earlier, Dani and all the instructor’s are incredible trainers who sincerely care for all of us and make our goals, theirs. From day one, they extend their support and encouragement, ensuring you are on the right track in meeting your goals. Further, my classmates are also so supportive and helpful, making for an awesome team. Working with other strong members inspires me to work harder and make that commitment to myself and the team.
In addition, Body Buster has helped me improve my strength and endurance, contributing to my overall well-being. I have always been active and for many years went to the gym. However, I wasn’t being challenged enough and I knew I had more potential in myself; I just needed direction. It was during this point in my life, when I gave up my gym membership and joined Body Buster. In no time, I had found and was finally experiencing what I was looking and yearning for years. I was finally content- physically and mentally.
I encourage anyone, regardless of your fitness level, to try Body Buster. The instructors are very knowledgeable and offer fun-filled, challenging classes. If you are looking for something different and are bored of the gym or the same ‘ole routine over and over again, then Body Buster is definitely the place for you!
Thank you Dani and all my instructors for your ongoing support, and for pushing me to achieve my fitness goals.

Here’s what Edie has to say:

I have been a Body Buster member since may of 2011.
I love how inspired I am to push my limits every class. I also love the variety of the classes and the support and encouragement from each instructor. they are pretty awesome sauce!
My baby weight plus a pant size (HOO-LEE!! Wicked Awesome!)

Since having my son my needs for fitness changed and the gym just wasn’t where I was comfortable any longer. I needed more from my fitness routine and I wanted help – someone to motivate me and push me. plus the group dynamic is so motivational. I love the variety of the workouts and the challenges, (and the laughs are just an added bonus! )

AMAZING! I never, ever thought I would be one of those people who could go for a run and I got so much coaching and support towards my goal to be one of those runners… now I can do 4Km and I feel like a champ!! My cardio has improved so much since coming to Body Buster – and most importantly, its great for my mental health!

My sanity back!!! Seriously, to shut out the world for one hour and do something for myself makes me a better mother, wife, friend and overall human being. I always leave feeling recharged and de-stressed from life. I have gained friends, a new sense of my self and a new set of fitness goals. I also love the collaboration of BB instructor and class members – pushing each other to achieve more every class (rain, snow, wind, heat wave, torrential down pour, or shine!)

Healthy mind, healthy body – they go hand in hand.. you can’t just try to eat well – you need to have balance. Exercise helps you sleep better, burn more calories at rest (then not exercising) and de stress. Also, as someone who suffers from chronic pain from long term injuries as a competitive gymnast, exercising helps me manage my pain better then when I sit still (no matter how many squats I do, I still feel better when I do them, then when I don’t).

Be prepared to give more at Body Buster then you have even given your workout routine before – and then be prepared to be rewarded!

Just do it! its worth the extra effort. anything worth having is worth working for….

The Body Buster team is awesome. They are so knowledgable and the give 100% at every class. Its inspiration and it motivates you to beat your own goals – long term goals or ones you set in the moment (like I’m not going to let Rob Stickle run faster than me!! ? ). I have been active my whole life, but I have never felt as fulfilled with my workouts as I do now. I ?BB!!