I have been a Body Buster member since September 2022. I joined to get back in shape after letting myself slip during the pandemic. Since I sit all day for work, it’s so great to get outside and move my body. I love the variety in the classes each week and the group environment pushes me to keep going and do more. Having set times to do the classes also helps to motivate me. I’m not a gym person, too much flexibility doesn’t work for me. I need a set time that I’ve paid for and I’m meeting other people.

While I haven’t measured, I have definitely lost inches, as my clothes fit better! Recently I’ve also seen the scale go down as well. Mostly I just feel better which is the main goal of any fitness program for me.

I have chosen to continue with the program because it provides just enough flexibility combined with variety in the workouts and I love that it’s outdoors! Working out in the group motivates me to keep up or push myself to “catch” those performing better than me. The locations and timing work well for me in my jam packed schedule, which seems to be back to prepandemic speed (by choice! We all make time for what’s important to us) The supportive atmosphere makes the classes enjoyable and helps everyone feel comfortable to try new things and just do what they can and then of course see themselves improve over time.  I also like the classes with different equipment, I have some of these things at home, which of course I never use because there is no one telling me what to do!

I feel much better! my cardio is back and it’s so important to keep up your muscle mass as you age. I see my mom in better shape than my grandmother was at the same age and hope to be as good or better than my mom when I reach that age! I’m able to keep up with my niblings and enjoy spending time with them while they are young and playing on the floor.

The program has given me the opportunity to work out 2-3 times a week without going to a gym, to keep up my health and feel good! I’m less exhausted by the end of the week since joining and committing to my workouts.  I’ve always been drawn to classes vs individual workouts, so the option to do it more than once a week is great for me. If you don’t use it you lose it! an active healthy lifestyle isn’t only for the body but also helps you keep your mind healthy, the variety of exercises help with that as well, (even things like walking backwards help keep your brain healthy. ) As I get older I’m more focused on how I feel than how I look, and physical activity is going to help with that. Sitting is the new smoking as they say, so combining these workouts with simple walks and other activities is a great way for me to support my health.  Come out and join a class! Scheduling your classes in advance and making it part of your routine is the only way to commit the time for yourself. No one is going to do it for you and there is no magic pill to keep you in shape. In fact exercise is a great way to keep us off medication!