I started Body Buster Fitness in January 2018. I cannot imagine my life without waking up in the morning and looking forward to another amazing class!

I love the instructors – well, it’s more a love-hate relationship because you hate when they tease you that a round of exercises is almost done just to start counting again, but you love them to pushing you to get out of your comfort zone. You feel so proud of yourself when you say “I did it”! “I can do this”!
All of this above and the variety of exercises, make the classes so much fun.

Cardio was never my thing.
When I started the classes and heard there was a 1k run or 1/2k walk, I thought maybe I wasn’t fit enough to do it. I began with walking and now I am RUNNING! Actually running!
I am so proud! I have been building my cardio and my goal at the end of the year is being able to complete the full 1k running the whole way (currently I have worked up to running 3/4 of the way!).

It’s not hard for me when I think about going to my next class. Body Buster is a part of my routine now. Waking up for a 6am class keeps me energized during the day. Sometimes I feel in such a good mood during the day after a class, that I’m so pumped I feel I could do another evening class instead of just laying on the couch watching tv (so I take the kids and the dog for a walk).

The classes help me so much with my depression in the wintertime that it had become my anti-depression therapy. I firmly suggest to all the people that suffer from depression to make an effort and make any kind of exercise part of their therapy.
In my case, just to be around people that push you to do your best, along with the energy that the exercise provides, makes the best medicine for me.

This program is the best. Staff will help accommodate to your schedule with classes in the mornings and evenings as well as different locations. It’s never a question of “what time”? It’s a matter of “do you want to do it”? If you miss a class, you can make it up later in the day or next day.
Body Buster understands that life doesn’t always go as planned, so they help you to achieve your goals.
It’s no excuse to say “I’m not fit enough to start exercising”. YOU can fit in here!

I’m no supermodel, but I believe that what I am doing is the best for my health. I feel confident, my self-esteem is higher than I ever imagined and all of this translates to my day to day activities at work and at home.