Hard to believe but I’ve been attending Body Buster classes for just a little over 2 years.

There is lots about the Body Buster model I like – the variety of work outs, the environment, my Tuesday/Thursday night crew, the bad jokes, the group work, the instructors and most importantly the ability to modify any of the activity. I’ve lost about ten pounds and feel my overall strength, flexibility and posture has greatly improved.

The reason for continuing with the Body Buster program, that’s simple – I need it as part of my lifestyle. Lets face it, as someone in their 50s, I don’t have the metabolism I once did, so keeping active is extremely important both physically and mentally.

While you might think the exercises are not that challenging, or the sequence seems easy, the next day it catches up with you. You laugh because its not easy to get out of bed or get dressed in the morning. That’s when you know you are putting in the work that will lead to positive results.

I think twice about food choices more often than I used to and what time I eat. Who knew you needed to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day? Still working on that. Keeping and staying active is very important. Life gets busy and hard. Our bodies are made to move. Just start and keep moving.

I was lucky, my wife has been doing Body Buster for about 8 years and she kept ‘reminding’ me to try it. Buy one session. Modify everything, start with lighter weights, and just keep coming to class. Eventually, before you know it, you get the hang of things and you become a regular. To all the men out there – this is harder than it looks and its an all over work out. Get up off the couch!

Things can always get in the way of 60 minutes just for you to focus on your health. How many times have we all thought the day of our session that we don’t want to do it? All of us I’m sure. But you fight it because you know the benefits. Knowing someone is leading the session works extremely well for me. I’ve been a member of a club but lost interest very easily. Knowing each class is different keeps the interest level very high.

Instructors and the entire team want you to succeed and approach your sessions to maximize your time and enjoyment. My thanks to the entire Body Buster team for giving me the energy/support to achieve my goals.

*Results may vary from person to person

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