I first joined Body Buster back in May of 2013. I took a short break from the program only to realize that Body Buster was the right program for me to stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle and have been a member even since.
Who knew working out could be fun and hard work all at the same time. Their workouts are always different and challenging with great instructors, like Kara and Emily. The hour that you have committed flies by. Flexibility with the program is also great with my work schedule. Any classes that are missed I can make up.
Increase in strength is the best results I have felt. When I first started I was using 5 lbs. weights. Now I use 10 Lbs. weights every class. I feel much stronger now than when I first started.
Body Buster is not the closest fitness program location to where I live but I have stayed committed to the program in Etobicoke because of the great instructors and members that make every class worth driving for. Instructors get to know you and understand your fitness goals.
The best benefits of being a Body Buster member are feeling healthier, stronger and increase in my energy level. After each class I know I am going to get a good night’s sleep because of the workout I just completed. Even on our week’s off, instructors continue to motivate you by providing members with a ‘week off workouts’ to keep members active till the next program.
I have found the right fitness program that works for me and my schedule. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for an alternative to working outside the gym. Each workout class is different and keeps you interested in working out. Another perk to the program aside from great instructors and classes is the members. Joining alone I have met some great members that make each class fun while working out.
Work and family can take up a lot of one’s time. Physical activity and exercise have immediate and long-term health benefits. Everyone needs to take the time to invest in themselves to achieve their physical goals by finding a workout that works for them. Body Buster is what keeps me active and motivated.
The Body Buster Program does not compare to working out at a gym. The full body workouts you receive every class from great instructors are interesting. Each class instructors push your physical limits to where you thought you could never be, building your physical confidence to the next level. Being a long-time member, I still feel sore after each class. It’s a feeling I like to feel. It reminds me why I stay committed Body Buster. I want to be reminded I am doing something to improve my overall health.
Even though we all live busy lives with work and family everyone needs to find the time to take an hour out of their busy schedules to improve their physical and mental health. Both are well worth the investment and there is no other program I would rather invest my time in to do just that.