I have been a Body Buster member since November 2016. I saw people working out in the school gym one night walking home and I googled “gym class in Indian Road Crescent School” and Body Buster fitness popped up!
My favourite part is the variety of the class workouts and the ability to make up a class if you have to miss one. Every class always has a different workout so mentally and physically you don’t know what to expect which makes it more exciting. As well, I love knowing that if for whatever reason I have to miss a class, there are a ton of options to make it up at another time.
The biggest difference I see in terms of my fitness results is that I have arm and leg muscles! I’ve always been physically active but had never focused on weights and have seen the impact of weight training in addition to cardio.
Body Buster is the most positive community of active people I have been a part of with amazingly supportive instructors. At a gym, people tend to be in their own zone but with Body Buster you get to chat, have fun and work together during your workout. It’s such a different experience than what I was used to and makes working out so much more enjoyable. Everyone I have met through Body Buster is so kind and encouraging.
When I started with Body Buster, I noticed a difference right away. I had more energy, my strength increased and overall always felt better. When I was pregnant, I never stopped going to Body Buster as their workouts are always modified and I didn’t get the aches and pains I was told to expect thanks in large part to consistently staying active. After I had my daughter, I couldn’t wait to get back to the bootcamp program. I feel now that I’m in better shape than I was before I was pregnant thanks to the instructors easing me back into a routine and focusing on regaining my core strength.
Body Buster has become such a part of my life that friends and family always try to work around my classes knowing that it’s my scheduled workout time and not something I just do every once in a while. I would say I’m a person who can easily talk myself out of anything when I’m feeling tired, grumpy etc. but I have to say that throughout my time at Body Buster I have very rarely talked myself out of not going because I look forward to the classes too much. Now, more than ever, Body Buster classes are my “me” time away from the daily routine and am so happy to have found something that is fun and shows results.
Leading an active lifestyle has always been very important to me. I’ve always participated in sports growing up and even in to adulthood but as people’s lives change, it became more difficult to coordinate those group activities. Body Buster provides the social and active part that sports previously provided me. Whether it be sports or Body Buster, my husband and I want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle so that we can be good role models to our daughter and enjoy our time playing with her.
What makes Body Buster great is that you are challenged to step outside your comfort zone and try so many new and interesting types of exercises. There are so many modifications to each exercise that there is no excuse not to get something out of each workout. A huge part of it are the instructors who are seriously always happy and do everything in their power to motivate you (thank you Dani, Sam and Jilll!). You always feel better at the end of the class no matter how tough a day you had.
Schedule in your workouts like it’s an appointment, that way you’ve blocked the time and committed to going. You fit other activities around your workouts. Once going to work out becomes a habit, you’ll find you don’t want to miss any workouts!
I now can’t imagine my life without Body Buster, it’s become such a constant in my day-to-day routine. I’m very thankful I discovered this program and I might be the only person who prefers the indoor classes to outside

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