I have been a body buster member for about 3 years now- I remember going with a friend to the High Park spring session and I was easily hooked. I loved the outdoor workout but also enjoyed the activities with just the right amount of support, and I could see the potential for growth.

There are so many things that I like about the program from the great community building activities, and the friendships and camaraderie that are encouraged, but I really appreciate that with every program I know I will get a total body workout that is balanced, with support to modify or challenge myself in every class. Our trainers are professional and knowledgeable and have taken time to learn enough about all of the people in the program so they know when and how to truly motivate us. I now see the importance of taking time out for me, and even reschedule missed classes to ensure that I continue to make progress.

Initially when I entered the program, I was simply hoping to work on simple fitness and flexibility goals- but with encouragement from so many Body Buster trainers, I began to set weight loss goals. Since August this year I have lost 20 pounds and have dropped a dress size. My progress is my no means quick but for the first time I feel motivated and see the value of making lifestyle adjustments that are sustainable.

I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because of the proven results. I am stronger mentally and physically because I am part of an amazing group of people with similar interests and goals.With every class, I am inspired by my classmates. In 3 years I have watched men and women of all ages completely transform themselves in body and mind by simply doing “10 more” when they thought they were finished. Like most people juggling work and family and life, I have struggled to keep regular fitness goals, but with of the flexibility of the program, I can always find a class/location that fits and I even regularly reschedule missed classes, and with the fifth week off, I notice how simple things like my sleep patterns are impacted by exercise. I can easily say that no gym or fitness program I have been involved with, can compete with all the benefits I receive from Body Buster program.

I am stronger and more flexible and have noticed that when I am doing things out of the program like skiing or golf or simply walking with my friends, I have more endurance. I have also noticed that in the last couple of years, I do not seem to suffer through as many minor injuries as my whole body is more toned. When I had surgery last fall, my recovery was also much easier especially with support from Dani who gave me exercises to do pre and post surgery that helped support a speedy return to work and Body Buster. In the last year with the weight loss, I am more confident and continue to set goals for myself that I would not have attempted on my own.

I have made some great friendships but I think the biggest gain is that with every class I am inspired by the people in class to be better and I have now set goals for myself that I would not have set 3 years ago. Sometimes as I’m heading to class in a rush, what gets me through is the knowledge that I know I will feel better both physically and mentally when I leave.

When I started Body Buster 3 years ago my hope was to build muscle and flexibility so that i could enjoy better health in my later years. I am now living a better life because of the commitment I made to mysel and I cannot imagine a life without Body Buster pushing and encouraging me. I hope my hard work inspires my children and family to keep working to achieve their own goals, whether they are fitness or career or health related.

I love the flexibility of times/locations all over the city- no excuse not to find a class that fits your schedule.
Classes are creative and varied so I never lose interest
I am always motivated by others in class- amazed by their strength or endurance and this helps to motivate me to reach for more myself
Great friendships with laughter and camaraderie- it is a safe place to challenge yourself
Fantastic and knowledgeable trainers who are always watching to ensure proper form and safety
I am not just a number- if I miss too many classes expect a call from Jamie!
Results- at 50 I am living a better life

I now schedule things around my fitness schedule instead of trying to fit my fitness around everyone else’s needs. I put in 2 hours a week that are just for me- it isn’t a lot, but it’s manageable and sustainable and my family is stronger when I am stronger.

Body Buster changed my life and like so many others – I see myself staying in this program for life.