I have been a body buster member for a little over a year. I really like being a part of the community. As well as being pushed athletically in ways I never thought I could!

I have lost 2 dress sizes (15-20 pounds). I have more energy for my family, more flexible and overall stronger.
I have chosen to stick with Body Buster because the program has great results. It keeps me on my toes with constant variety in workouts. I really enjoy being encouraged by the amazing trainers. It’s also nice to workout with other people and being encouraged by one another.

Overall, the Body Buster Bootcamp program makes me feel fantastic! It gives me more energy to keep up with my two children (5yrs and 2yrs). It’s great for my work as am Registered Early Educator in an infant room. I use to struggle with back and shoulder pain and the program has strengthened those muscles making work easier. Finally it is amazing for my mental health. It gives me an hour to myself and breath (something I forget to do with busy schedule).

I have gain many new friends in the community thanks to Body Buster Fitness. It’s nice to know a few more people from my neighbourhood. Having Body Buster program part of my life has also taught me importance of nutrition for overall better health. It also shows my family how important taking care of your health is. Both children cheer me on when I go to boot camp and say “my mommy is strong”. My husband also has more admiration for my dedication and my desire to achieve my goals.

For me it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle so that I can keep up with my children, care for the children at my work, and most importantly to feel good for myself. I want to keep my husband on his toes as well enjoy life to the max together.

I would tell others who might have not taken the Body Buster Program before…. do it try it once and you will love it! It’s amazing after class to realize what you have accomplished. I never thought I could do 100 squats, burpees or anything for that matter. With other members encouragement, skilled, caring trainers and determination it is possible.

My advice to others leading busy lives and not exercising is stop making excuses and make the time. The beauty of this program is all the variety of class times available and flexibility in making up classes if you can’t make it. You will be healthier and happier.
I really appreciate all the amazing encouragement from all the trainers. Each one is very caring and tough which is why I have had so much success. I am really grateful to be a part of Body Buster Fitness.