I joined Body Busters Fitness in Sept 2017 for a 10 programs (1 Year membership). To be honest, I initally joined not only for the fitness aspect but also to be involved in something in hopes of meeting new friends, in which case – for those of you who are my class buddies; thank you! When I first joined Body Buster I signed up for two days per week, but after a couple months of noticing improvement and wanting to up ‘the game’ so to speak, I incorperated a third class. Aside from the general atmosphere, I like the truth behind “No class is ever the same”. A gym regime is feasible however I found myself in the past doing the same old boring routines and stagnant progress. Since joining, I’ve lost a total of +/-12 pounds and about 6 inches overall. That to some may sound like slow progress itself but it’s not about the pounds shed or the inches lost. To me, its the clear mind, it’s how well my clothes fit, the muscle toning evident, the flexibility, strength and stamina I now have.

Body Buster Bootcamp helped me view fitness as an active lifestyle that is rewarding, not only physically but mentally as well. If you’re having a bad day and feel like laying in bed or munching on the couch, it may take the dreaded warm up during class to get some motivation but at least you made it to class (**remember that**). Even the instructors will say “having a bad day?! take it out on those medicine balls!”.

The results of being a Body Buster member has been an uplift in my life, something I did for me and ONLY me. I had no certain goals set out aside from knowing I didn’t want to have a negative image of myself anymore, and being surrounded by people who are there to achieve goals of their own make it worthwhile. If for those considering on joining Body Buster Fitness but feel discouraged, or for those who have every excuse NOT to exercise and become healthier for YOURSELF – perhaps you’re just too busy working or running the kids around or have injuries, or whatever the case may be; with my sincerest advice: do it!! You will not be disappointed with your decision. BBF with a joined effort from yourself will accommodate your busy schedule. Body Buster will give you modifications for your injuries.

I would like to thank all of the instructors at Body Buster for nominating me as Bootcamper of the Program! Ive endured the mental struggles of wanting to lay in bed, or to stay home and eat my face off, or the soreness from previous classes. There were days when I got to class and even admitted there’s “no stride in my step” but as I mentioned, the warm up passed and inside I felt relieved I infact did make it. Finally, I can say I’m very proud! You should say it too, regardless of nominees or not, because ultimately you made the right choice to better your life!