I have been a Body Buster Fitness member for over 6 years. Truth is, I have lost track of the exact time because I enjoy it so much.
There are many things I love about Body Buster’s; I don’t know where to start! Mostly, I love the variety in the classes. I’m amazed that after all these years the classes are never repetitive. The instructors put so much creativity into designing each and every class that I continue to be surprised and challenged every time I go. In all these years, I don’t recall a class ever starting late or ending early, which is absolutely amazing given the traffic in the city and other unknowns. The instructors are very committed to providing the value that members sign up for, and I respect a business that does this.

I feel terrific, and I’m sure Body Buster’s has a role to play in this. I have been a long-term member of Body Busters because the ongoing dedication and commitment of the entire team (instructors and administrators) surpasses anything that I have experienced in an exercise business before. The entire team takes exceptional pride in their work, and it shows in so many ways. It is not easy to keep members long-term or to keep new members invested, but Body Busters somehow manages to do both. It is because they are exceptional in what they do.

To me, an exercise regime like this is not about weight loss (women have way too much pressure in this regard that I won’t buy into) but about feeling strong and healthy, and that’s exactly how I feel. I do not feel my age at all, and I’m sure some credit goes to Body Busters here.

Other than the health and strength rewards of being a long-time member of Body Buster’s, I love how empowered I feel after each class, even if it was difficult to get to class for some reason. I pat myself on the back for having the discipline to do the challenging (modifications are always provided) workouts. In fact, I’ve forgotten exactly how challenging everything we do is because pushing myself to my physical limits is now just a norm for me as a result of all the encouragement and support I have received from Body Buster’s over the years. I always feel amazing when I leave.

It’s important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle because physical well-being very much affects mental well-being, so you win in two ways. I would tell anyone thinking about the Body Buster program that all the instructors are absolutely fabulous, and fellow boot campers are extremely supportive of each other. There have been many times over the years when a fellow boot camper’s supportive words or high-fives helped me complete an exercise or activity if I was faltering for some reason. This kind of support makes all the difference. Everyone is supported at Body Buster’s regardless of their fitness level, so it is an inclusive and non-intimidating work-out environment.

We are all busy, but because I have experienced the benefits of exercise for many years, a Body Buster workout is a priority for me, so I have made it part of my life’s routine, just like eating or going to work. Once you experience the physical and mental benefits of this kind of exercise regime, it is hard to not continue. Maintaining discipline is the key to getting to the point where it feels uncomfortable or strange to not exercise.

Keep up the great work Body Buster’s! I’m so very glad that I found you.