I joined Body Buster in March of this year so this is my seventh program. I love everything about Body Buster! The classes are always different, challenging and fun, the instructors are all so dedicated and supportive and the flexibility and make-up class options just make it so easy to fit the program into my life.

I’ve lost about 8 inches. I totally recommend to anyone starting out to take progress photos! The scale doesn’t always reflect how much work you’ve put in but when I look at side-by-side photos of myself now compared to seven months ago, the changes are unreal.

Body Buster is the first exercise program that I don’t dread doing. Before Body Buster, I would spend my days thinking of reasons why I couldn’t work out that night. Now, I spend my days looking forward to class, excited to see what my instructor has planned and what I’ll be able to achieve.

I am so much healthier and fitter thanks to Body Buster and I have seen the impact in my day-to-day life. Since March I’ve participated in a couple of 5Ks and bike rides for charity and I’ve amazed myself with how much I’ve been able to achieve. I also play basketball and the changes there have been unreal. I went from being the last one down the floor, to the first, all thanks to Body Buster.

I have gained so much from this program. Not only am I much fitter, I have more energy and more confidence. I also feel like I’m part of this healthy, friendly, fitness community. I love going to my classes and being inspired by other members’ achievements or getting tips from my instructors. It’s just such a great feeling to be a part of something so positive. This community vibe also really helps me stay accountable because I feel like if I miss a class, someone’s going to notice.

Taking care of your body by living an active and healthy lifestyle has such a positive impact on all aspects of your life. When you’re healthy you’re able to bring more to your relationships, achieve more at work and physical health plays such an important role in your mental health as well. If you’re considering signing up, just do it – I promise you will not be disappointed. Body Buster isn’t intimidating at all! All of the instructors are happy to provide modifications based on your fitness level and you’ll be amazed with the results if you’re willing to put the work in.

My advice is to make your health a priority! So often we prioritize our families, work and other obligations and just forget about ourselves. But taking time to ourselves to be active and healthy has such positive impacts on all of these other aspects of our lives. When I signed up for my first Body Buster program, I made a commitment to myself that no matter how busy I was or what else came up, that I would take those two hours a week for myself. Now, I can’t imagine not going to my classes every week – and miss them a lot on weeks off!

I just want to thank Body Buster and all of the amazing instructors for helping me transform my fitness, health and just life overall!!