Barb and John

Barb says: This is our second time with Body Buster Fitness. Our first time we joined was approximately three years ago. We did about five programs and unfortunately life got in the way. We joined again this last year in March and have fallen in love with the program once again.
The program is co-ed and allows the two of us time together doing something we both value. We have to tell you coming back after taking some time off was so welcoming from the trainers and the familiar faces in the program. It’s a place where we work extremely hard and we can have a few laughs (mostly at John’s expense). The trainers tailor the programs towards our individual needs and find ways to have us get full value of the session. Thank you for that!
John – I have lost 15lbs but the biggest piece for me was the cardio and feeling stronger. I would still like to lose a few more pounds and will have to focus on some dietary changes, but the biggest thing is I didn’t change much of my eating habits and feels better. Barb – I can’t say for sure but what I can say is my endurance and strength has never been better.
For us the times work well and the flexibility to move between mornings and evenings with make up classes have allowed us some balance in our schedules. We enjoy the times! The program(s) have been flexible for us with our work schedule that pulls us out of town at times to make up classes and this is very important to us. From the business side of keeping the customers happy we find that everyone works with us to ensure we’re getting the value. Simply put it’s not just a business, people get it and truly want to see people achieve their goals and it so much fun to be a part of it.

John says: I’m amazed at how much stronger I’ve become. We all have weeks or days where we slip but, honestly I feel better mentally, socially, physically and I like how I’m feeling about myself. I can honestly tell you for me giving myself three hours a week seems reasonable to put that towards my health. Its three hours more every week than I’ve done for years and I absolutely love it.
We’ve been able to put more structure to our personal health and well-being. We both like the idea of challenging ourselves and one another. We both have some competiveness and we both like to have a good time and we’re getting both from the program. Being a member of Body Buster family has made us both more aware of our eating habits and the desire to eat healthy but allowing ourselves a treat as well.
To someone who has never taken the program before, first and foremost don’t come in with pre-conceived ideas about where your health should be. Be your own person as everyone is at different levels of fitness and health. Be there for yourself first and know that if you do this for 3 months you will notice results and yes it is hard to do this but do it at your own pace. However many hours you decide to do in a week will make the world of difference. Lastly have fun and laugh at yourself and make some new friends! Kim and the Body Buster team are amazing and pay close attention to your individual needs and they like to ensure everyone is feels comfortable and are working to the best of their ability.
For the both of us Body Buster has formed part of our family discussions as we quite often have conversations and share our workout experiences with our two boys. Without Body Buster I am certain we would not be as diligent in our health and well being as we have been.