Breanne joined Body Buster over a year ago when her baby was 6 months old. Her sister had convinced her to join, and she (although reluctant at the time!) did.
Breanne has come a long way with her fitness and health since beginning with Body Buster Fitness and we’re all very proud of her and all of the success she has had with the program!

Here’s what Breanne had to say:

By the end of week 4 of the very first program I attended with my sister, I started to feel stronger so I signed up for 3 more months. Now, a year later, my sister has moved too far away to come, but I still make it part of my week!
I love the challenge of improving and trying all the different activities at Body Buster. I love the feeling of empowerment when I realize I can do something I thought I couldn’t. I have tried other group classes, tried gym memberships but somehow this is different and I feel it all starts with the AMAZING instructors. From Kara always talking about ‘not making bad food choices’ while giving the next exercise, to Jamie always making sure to connect with you when he pops into class, or Dani’s 10 second count down that takes at least 30(!!) or Hue showing us how to do the next activity like no human could possibly do (BUT HE DOES, SO A HUMAN MUST BE ABLE TO DO IT!!!). It is motivating and energizing!

Coming to class is now something I do for myself, to relieve stress after a hard day at work, or just to get out of the house. With a toddler at home sometimes that can be hard, but flexibility of class times and locations make it that much easier. I feel energized every time and I’m always glad I came. Not to mention all the amazing people you meet at class that help motivate and encourage you.

It is not a question why should I go, its why not. I want to stay healthy for my family and for myself and I know that being physically active is such an important part of that equation. It has a ripple effect. Going to Body Buster twice a week makes me more conscience of, what I am putting into my body, how active I am during the rest of the week and how it all adds up.

Over the last year I have lost well over 20lbs, which I don’t think I would have been able to do on my own. I am stronger and feel so much better about myself.