I started Body Buster in November 2012, 3 times a week and I remember that it took me about 3 months to get over being totally wiped out by each class for the remainder of the day; I was in really bad shape when I started (quit smoking for the last time just before I started it). After about 3 months of perseverance I finally turned the corner to where the energy output at the 6 am class provided me with more energy and endurance to get through a stressful day. At some point in 2013 I dropped down to twice a week, thinking I would make up the other day at a gym club but that did not work out for me so I went back to 3 days a week and have kept it up ever since.
We are warmed up at a reasonable pace, we are challenged in each class and each class is different and never boring. Afterward we are stretched properly. Body Buster keeps me limber, energized and provides me with the fortitude to tackle stressful days with energy left over at the end of it. Body Buster has a lot of options available for when and where I can take the class, so if I miss a class I have lots of opportunity to make it up.
I definitely lost many inches all over during that first year. Admittedly my weight loss has stalled because I still struggle with food choices. My cholesterol and triglyceride levels are kept in check because of the Body Buster program as I still don’t need to take any medication for it. It has definitely helped with flexibility, agility and keeping my joints limber as my joints were very stiff when I started.
It works for me. It works for my schedule, it’s close to where I live and easy to get to and easy to make a routine out of it. Body Buster has helped me to combat stress, it keeps my body feeling good and agile, while providing me with the energy I need to endure 10-12 hour work days, moving between several clients physically and mentally. Body Buster works for me and my schedule and for the days when I just can’t get to it due to scheduling conflicts, I am provided with lots of flexibility to make up any classes I miss either at a different time and/or location or to tack on the time at the end of my program commitment.
Overall my health is definitely improved because of Body Buster. I have more energy, more flexibility, much less mobility stiffness, endurance and overall well-being. I remember a class from a couple of years ago that really accentuated how weak everyone’s hip flexors are these days because in our culture we tend to sit at desks working on computers too much. After that class I noticed more of an emphasis by the leaders on exercises to improve our hip flexors. I have really benefited from that. I have also benefited by being encouraged to increase the heaviness of my weights once I got too accustomed to the lighter weights I had started with.
I have gained a program that works for me and my schedule. I have gained an improved fitness level, strength, endurance and flexibility. I have gained a way to combat stress. I have gained a support team that is willing to work with me on my nutrition, something I need to take more advantage of. I have also gained an appreciation and desire to want to continue to be physically fit and to lead an increasingly healthier lifestyle.
I feel like if I am not improving my overall health, then I will be in decline and aging too rapidly, and I am not ready to accept that yet. There are still many things on my bucket list that I want to do and living an active and healthy lifestyle will help me cross off the items on that list.
The program is as effective and as much appreciated by those who are “die-hards” as by those who need to modify the exercises. The program leaders are good at encouraging while keeping it safe with the right amount of warm up, stretching and modifications where needed by some. Leaders constantly encourage the die-hards while offering exercise modifications to those who need it, so everyone is respected while keeping it real as a boot camp.
When I had a gym membership I seemed to make every excuse not to go routinely, but Body Buster is different for me because it is a date and time commitment I make to myself and I feel the positive results in the short and longer term, so in my mind it is just something I have to do. If I did not commit like this to my health I know I would be in physical decline and aging much faster.
The other participants of the programs are of varying fitness and mindsets and all are friendly. Participants are there to work on themselves so I have never felt uncomfortably self-conscious as I sometimes feel at gyms. Many of the participants have been at the program for a long time and I think it is because we all realize how essential it is to the standard of living we want to preserve. In today’s culture we tend to sit too much, and have made ourselves so busy that it infringes on the value we place on ourselves. Body Buster helps us to stay mindful of the value we need to place on our well-being.