I have been working out with Body Buster boot camp for about a year and a half now.
I really like the Body Buster program because every class is different, works all parts of the body and it’s always a challenge. The coaches always give us options for different levels of ability if we have an injury or find an exercise too difficult. I am definitely never bored and have a great workout every class.
I haven’t really kept track of how many inches I have lost but my clothes definitely fit a lot better. I have lost about 10 lbs so far with more to come.
I keep going to Body Buster because quite honestly I am addicted! I have never found anything in my life that has made me feel the way I do after these workouts. I feel a little better after each class I complete. The staff and fellow Body Buster’s are so friendly and supportive it makes you feel like you belong there.
When I first started the program I felt like I was in some kind of shape as I had been working out at home, boy was I wrong this program kicked my butt. My level of cardio has increased dramatically. I never ran much and now I do, ALOT. I feel so much stronger. I couldn’t even do 1 pushup and now I can do several. I have moved up my weights and am aiming to do it again. I work in a mental healthcare facility and I have a pretty stressful job and there is nothing better to clear your head than a good workout.
By joining the Body Buster program I feel I am more confident in my abilities to do things I have never done before. Since joining I have done a few 5k obstacle races, I go on difficult hikes and I even tried zip lining. Things I never thought I would be able or brave enough to do but now I feel like I can at least try just about anything, except skydiving. That’s not happening. LOL This program has helped me feel like even though I am 51years old I am the strongest and in the best shape of my life.
If you are ready to get in shape and have tried everything else out there do this you will not regret it. This is the real deal good old fashioned hard work and it really does pay off if you stick with it.
We really have a great group of people all ages and fitness levels. Our coaches make you feel welcome and able. Never thought I would say this but Boot camp is so much fun. I plan on coming until I can’t!