I joined Body Buster in November of 2015 so soon to be 2 years – it has flown by!

What I like most is the format – or lack thereof if you will. The instructors obviously come with a plan for the class but each class is different so for me I go with a sense of excitement to see what type of class it is going to be that day! Sometimes it is more cardio, sometimes more weight training and sometimes an even balance of both, but they are all great.

I don’t own a scale so I cannot say how much weight I have lost from a pounds/kilos perspective, but I can say that some of my older clothes fit again and when I am buying new clothes I am down a size or two.

I initially signed up for a three month “trial” if you will but after the first month I knew I wanted to continue with Body Buster and promptly signed up for a year and then another. I choose to stay with the program bc of the variety of classes, my amazing instructors (shout out to Travis, Emily & Kara!!), and the people I have met in class that are so encouraging & fun (you know who you are!!).

Since joining I would definitely say my energy levels are up. I participate in Body Buster twice weekly but also try to fit in some of the challenges that are thrown out to members each class and by being more active bc of BB I am more active outside of BB too. I am out more with Layla-Lou (our dog-ter) and use the treadmill on a more frequent basis – even if just for a quick walk/run in the mornings, on weekends or on the off week.

I am also more mindful of what I am eating and am definitely drinking more H20. It started with just being mindful on class days so I would feel my best heading into class, but I noticed I felt better those days and so this mindfulness has become more of a “way of being” for my every day life.

I feel I have gained a healthy outlook on fitness and an understanding that it doesn’t have to be boring. I used to go to the gym very regularly but there was no one there to encourage me or push me and so what would often happen is that I would take the easy way out. What I mean by that is that when it came to weights I would use 5 pounds for bicep curls or tricep push backs when I knew it was too easy for me or I would just use the treadmill to walk when I knew I was fully capable of running. Why would someone do that? Because it was easy and I was bored so just did what I knew and there was no one to hold me accountable so why not?! At BB the instructors help with form, have introduced me to so many new exercises and have seen my strength levels increase so they encouraged me to increase my hand weights so I can continue to see improvement.

I would also say that by joining I have made new friends. These two nights a week are just time for me and I appreciate showing up a little early to catch up with the girls prior to heading into the workout. We encourage each other and that type of environment is amazing when it comes to me wanting to go back every week and sign up for another round of programs.

It is important to live an active and healthy lifestyle because I have the opportunity to influence so many others around me – at work, with my friends and with my family. I don’t think of myself as a role model per se, but by sharing my experiences with Body Buster or with trying a new healthy recipe or the impact I feel by drinking a ton of water every day I am helping others with an understanding that they too can feel better about themselves by making small changes in their lives. And for me, I think it is important to lead an active/healthy lifestyle becasue there is still so much I want to do with my life – I love to travel and there is much of this world I still need to see. I want to be able to enjoy it and can only do so by staying healthy!

I would say come and try it. Even just once. You will be hooked bc of the friendly environment, the helpful instructors and the fun/engaging/challenging classes. I am SO not a group exercise person – or at least I thought that was me – but trying it out made me change my outlook. I think trying it could help change your outlook too!

You owe it to yourself. It is one hour of your time twice or three times a week so really, how can you not take this time to improve your life and have the opportunity to live your best life? By being a healthy you, you will be a better you for all those around you!

The time since joining has just flown by and I don’t even question myself about signing up for another round bc it is just obvious that I will. It is fun. It is encouraging. It is about me for one hour twice a week and there is no other time in my day/week that I can say it truly my own.