I have been a Body Buster Fitness member since 2016. Body Buster remains a perfect fit for me. The flexibility with in person classes, on line, live and recorded give me the freedom to customize my workouts to my schedule.

I have toned up and lost inches from my waist along with strengthening my entire body and mind. The confidence I have gained in my ability to show up for myself through exercise is golden.

I continue with Body Buster not only because of the exercise and fitness component but also for the friendships and encouragement I receive during my classes.

Being a member for going on 8 years now I smile when i think back on the timid me that spoke with Jamie for the first time explaining how I had never incorporated exercise into my routine or life EVER. I am so proud of myself for taking those steps the benefits i have gained go deeper than just exercise and muscles.

I know that regular exercise is vital to my well being. As I age, I can truly say I am aging with a confidence I never knew in my younger years and I attribute it to being a Body Buster member.

I would encourage those that are curious to try a class or program for the first time to GO FOR IT!!! The amazing energy that you feel from signing up and just showing up to your FIRST class never leaves you and that is what you will soon discover. Every time you go to a class you leave with such a feeling of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction.

You will find that your first program flies by way quicker than you thought. The initial uncertainty is replaced with a want to continue to nourish your body and mind and before you know it, your are signing up for another program or maybe even a year membership.

With as busy, hectic and stressful as everyones lives are these days and excuses abound I encourage everyone to take that first step and see the amazing place it takes you!

I celebrate my choice 7 plus years ago to embrace a lifestyle that includes exercise.