I have been a member of Body Buster Fitness since November 2022. The Body Buster program offers me flexibility in their scheduling and a variety of activities like no other. The trainers keep the classes fun, varied, exciting and always challenging pushing us all to the best we can be.

When I started Body Buster I was not sure what I would achieve or how long it would take. I have not been tracking pounds or inches but I am seeing results.  I can also see a gradual and continual difference in my strength, flexibility and cardio endurance.

I continue with the program as it offers a variety of activities eliminating the routine of a gym. The trainers are encouraging and supportive every step of the way and the members form a relationship of friendship and accountability.  It is not an individual sport but a team effort. Everyone works hard together and towards a common goal of a healthy lifestyle.

The training program has improved my overall health and I feel physically stronger. I have always been an active person but I felt it was time to change up my routine and it has definitely paid off.

When you commit to a program such as Body Buster you are setting yourself up to succeed. The instruction, knowledge and confidence I have gained from participating are key. If you are willing to put the time, effort and determination into the program and in to yourself you cannot lose. The trainers are amazing and are always eager to answer any questions and are committed to each member in encouraging them towards their goals. Working out with a group of like-minded individuals keeps you focused and gives you a sense of belonging.

Being active and living a healthy lifestyle is important because it not only affects your body it affects your mind, soul and overall health. If we lose focus it can affect such things as our sleep, weight management and energy levels. Body Buster Fitness is committed to keeping us focused to live our best life.

If you have not tried Body Buster you absolutely must give it a try. What are you waiting for?  No matter your age or fitness level you will benefit from the program. It is fun and challenging and is designed for everyone to participate. You won’t regret it. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging.

We all live busy lives but it is vital that we prioritize time for our own health and well being. Body Buster is the very best alternative to the gym. We have to be deliberate and consistent with our exercise goals and when you make it part of your routine you won’t want to miss a class.