I have been a Body Buster Fitness member since June 2012.

I’m not particularly self-motivated when it comes to working out, so the in-person classes are a great fit for me. I like the fast-paced nature of the classes and that every class is different. The outdoor programs are my favorite but I’m also thankful for the indoor classes through the winter months!

When I compare my fitness level now to that when I started Body Buster Fitness, there is no question of the results. I am mentally and physically stronger and more confident. I know how important fitness is to my well-being and I strive to make it part of my routine.

The instructors and members are a big reason I continue with Body Buster Fitness. A huge amount of credit goes out to the Body Buster Fitness team. In class I feel inspired and motivated to push myself. I don’t have to think about what exercises to do (or how many!) and the instructors are always right there encouraging us, making us sweat, checking proper form, and of course ensuring we have some fun. The classes are intense, but not intimidating. The reps are more than you would ever push yourself to do on your own, and the well-planned combination of strength and endurance training is what gets you the results. Everyone out to a class is there to have a good time, to work hard and motivate one another, to have fun and to see results. 

Body Buster Fitness has changed the way I feel about working out. It is not a grind. It is hard work, but it’s fun and I know I’m getting positive results. It’s a commitment I have made to myself, that bit of “me-time”, and I want to be there. Being physically active helps me keep a positive outlook and deal with the unexpected. I know myself I would not make my workout schedule a priority or workout with this intensity on my own, so for me the Body Buster Fitness Program is a total win. 

If you’ve never taken a Body Buster Fitness class and are looking for a unique workout experience with a fun, positive group of people, definitely you need to try Body Buster Fitness. There is no question that you will have more energy, feel motivated, and meet some fantastic new people. 

My best advice to someone finding every excuse to avoid exercise is don’t think about it, just do it. The more you do, the more energy you will have, and the better you will feel. It’s so important for your mental and physical health to be active. There is no decision. Just do it.