On a day I was looking for a way to start being active I drove by Plast Huculak Centre on my way home and saw the Body Buster poster which then led to me joining at the end of July 2021.

What I love most is the comfortability I was able to gain with training in a group setting at my own level. Everyone I have encountered has always been so supportive of one another.

Since Joining Body Buster, I have been able to lose 10 pounds, increased my mobility and transform body fat into muscle.

Body Buster continues to be a challenge which keeps me coming back each week! 6am classes are hard to wake up for but has become the jam to the bread I love! I contemplate each morning but always end up feeling fulfilled and grateful after each work out.

During each training I become enraged by the challenge I feel motivated to excel into leveling up. Our Coaches tease and poke while we all try not to die yet always have me laughing and mentally keep me going. Each training session leaves me sweating and more flexible than the last. After a while I learned to appreciate the pain and soreness since it meant my muscles were growing.

Since joining I have gained an appreciation for my body I didn’t have before. I was a young mom in my 20s so now in my 30s I have been working on learning to be my own person, identify hobbies while upskilling in my career. Body Buster has given me a sense of community I never really had where everyone had the common goal to uplift one another. I appreciate the personal connection all the coaches instill in each class and setting the tone for the whole session. The comfortability to be myself has allowed me to love myself and not shy away from trying the workouts I would never attempt on my own.

Being intentional about taking care of the mobility in my body was a major goal for years. I have always been able to direct and teach my kids to take care of their bodies with healthy foods yet it wasn’t until I joined Body Buster that I started my own healing journey gracefully.

For those who have not yet started or are new to Body Buster Program is to just show up once and try it out. You will feel defeated and it will leave you wanting to comeback for more until you excel. Make it a goal to train harder than the last time and soon enough you will be completing goals using heavier weights.

Just showing up is literally the hardest part, We all go through a list in our heads as to why we cannot work out. We even start to complete the task list of chores but the endorphins you feel after each session is totally worth it. Remember everyone has commitments, you just have to decide to make yourself a priority.

The last thing I would like to mention is my appreciation to the coaches for always coming with a smile and knowing our names because it makes a difference. I enjoy all your own sense of humors and training styles!