I Have been a Body Buster member for about two years…I started during a summer so maybe a year and a half.
The whole Body Buster format is great! Every class we do something different and the flexibility with my schedule is a total bonus! The instructors know what they’re doing and help you with a little one on one to perfect your technique. They even have a sense of humour and make it fun at 6am when I’m still half asleep.

To be honest I haven’t measured or weighed myself because that wasn’t my goal however I do fit better into different clothes – I think my butt looks kinda good and my stomach is flatter. I’ve also been able to start running on my own which I wasn’t interested in before and now enjoy.

It’s a no brainer! I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because I’m a morning person so it’s a great way to start the day. I don’t have to come up with my own exercises and I show up and sweat for an hour which usually flies by. I get bored with routine so the variety of things we do keeps it interesting! The instructors are pretty nice too (tough, but nice).

Overall the Body Buster program as made me feel excellent! My energy level is higher, I sleep better, I’m stronger, I’ve been able to go for runs (which are longer than I thought), and overall I’m happier! Classes are a good way for me to burn off steam from work which is a great stress reliever and I miss going if I can’t make a class. I’ve also made a lot of adjustments to my diet with guidance from some of the extra info the program passes out.

Taking Body Buster Fitness I have gained probably too many things to list! Obvi bragging rights when I get into the office after a 6am class and most importantly a sense of accomplishment, happiness and a support system to work on my physical and mental fitness. Overall I appreciate the program, fitness and working out more and truly enjoy it!

My plan is to live to 100 so every little bit helps! Jokes aside, I’m trying to live my best life and this is a great way to help support that.

If you haven’t taken the Body Buster Fitness Program before, do it! It’ll be real tough at first and then you start making progress (it does work!) and get into it and can keep up and kill it every class. You’ll look back and have a sense of pride and accomplishment when you see how far you’ve come. It’s only an hour per class – that’s only 4% of a full day. You just have to get over that initial hump of actually getting to class and then after it was 100% worth it! You also don’t have to think about it – the instructors are great at keeping you on your toes which requires minimal brain power from you.

Also, I hate burpees! And I’m probably going to have to do a bunch in tomorrow’s class. I’ll feel differently about them though when class is over