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* "I love how much fun I have when Im at boot camp. I could be in a bad mood from work or stressed out from my day but as soon as I get started I forget everything else."

I have been a Body Buster member on and off for about 5 years. I started coming with my mum in the summers between university semesters and since moving back to Toronto have been coming full time. 

I love the sense of community that comes with Body Buster Fitness. Everyone from first time members and long time members to instructors and guests care about pushing each other to reach our goals.  For that program, or one hour everything else is put aside and we are all working together and encouraging each other.

Since starting Body Buster I’ve improved my endurance and how hard I can push myself. My km run time has been decreasing and I’ve been able to increase my burpee count which was an exercise I couldn’t do when I first started because of a past injury. 

I love how much fun I have when I’m at boot camp.  I could be in a bad mood from work or stressed out from my day but as soon as I get started I forget everything else. I know that when I come I will have an action packed workout that requires my focus and Know that I’ll get the modifications I need from the instructors for my needs. 

The training program has helped me push myself further and harder than I’d been able to do on my own at a regular gym session. I’ve been able to modify my workouts for some recurring injuries I have while not sacrificing how hard I can work. Being able to find those modifications has helped me prevent my injury from recurring and allowed me to not just stop when it flares up. 

I’ve gained a lot from being a member. I feel more confident in taking the workouts home and ensuring I can do it with the correct form (something that’s really important to me). This is great for weeks off or when I have to adjust my schedule. I’ve also become part of a community of like minded people who are actively putting their health first. I’ve learned to push myself more. I know that in that hour I can go all out and give myself a good workout by pushing my limits and trying to get in a few more reps or increase my weights. It’s also helped me prioritize my health by putting aside 2 hours a week I know I’ll be getting my workouts in even if it’s a busy week. 
In today’s world, being healthy is defined in so many ways. But for me it’s about being able to do the things you love for longer. Taking care of myself now is setting me up for a long life of doing whatever it is I want to: travel, sports, enjoying time with friends and family. 

If you’re looking for a challenge, and want to put yourself first then the Body Buster program is a right for you. With small class sizes and instructors who get to know you and where you can push yourself it is a great place to set goals for your fitness. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at now, because body buster can adjust to you and help you build up as your fitness improves.

The busyness if you’re life will mean nothing if you don’t have your health. Taking time now to take care of yourself will mean that you can continue to be busy and enjoy your life. I’ve always strived for balance but also find it hard to make time for my workouts. I think Body Buster Fitness is is the perfect way to stick to that balance because you’ve booked your workouts in your schedule like the rest of your day. It works for me! 

I first found Body Buster Bootcamp through my mum. Slowly I started coming to a class here and there as her guest. When I started coming more regularly I realized that it was exactly what I needed. I’m so glad to be part of the Body Buster family!

* Results may vary from person to person.





Body Buster Fitness is extremely proud to announce that we have selected Greg from our Etobicoke South location as our Bootcamper of the Year for 2018.

Since beginning with Body Buster in 2008 (initially "to get in shape for hockey season"), Greg has seen many successes in his fitness, health and wellness.
His instructors have characterized him as self motivated, committed, hard working, determined and fun!
Greg has a great attitude in the classes. He encourages & motivates others when doing any type of partner or team work and is always pushing himself for results. His  positive attitude is always appreciated in the classes by the instructors and fellow members.

Let's face it - life happens! And when it does, no adversity or challenge has kept Greg from his workouts. He makes his fitness and health a priority and has maintained a fantastic regimen over the years. 
He has truly made the Body Buster program a part of his life.
Greg has seen major increases in both his cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The strength he has built over the years is evident in every class he participates in.  His results in all aspects have been incredible!
Greg is very deserving of this recognition. Not only does his positive attitude help others in class to push themselves to be their best, it also inspires his instructors to take it to the next level in class!  

We, at Body Buster are proud of all he has accomplished in the Body Buster Program and look forward to how far he will go in the future, one class at a time.
Congratulations Greg - Bootcamper of the YEAR 2018!


* Results may vary from person to person.

* Results may vary from person to person.
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