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* "Having scheduled classes is helpful to motivate oneself to continue to make a commitment to exercise."

I have been a member of Body Buster Fitness for 2 1/2 years. Body buster classes are always different and challenges my fitness level each and every time. I don't weight myself, but I have gone down two dress sizes since starting body buster. 

I have always been someone that likes to exercise on my own, but I love how motivating everyone is in these classes. It makes exercising fun and  helps to  you beyond your limits!  Overall, I felt like I have more energy and am able to focus more at work since starting my body buster classes.

Everyone should try Body Buster Boot Camp classes! They are challenging, but the format of the classes allows everyone to start at their own level and develop their own person fitness goals. It is not a competitive class and everyone is welcoming and supportive of one another.

Having scheduled classes is helpful to motivate oneself to continue to make a commitment to exercise.  I have also made a great group of friends in the classes. We all motivate each other and help one another to be accountable to making a commitment to fitness in our lives. 

* Results may vary from person to person.



* "I feel more confident about how I look and feel. I have much more strength and endurance than I had before."

I joined Body Buster in March of 2017. What I like most about the program is that it becomes a morning routine three times per week, something that I just do.  The instructors are fantastic, and the classmates are very low key and supportive. Taking a morning class still allows me the rest of the day to get everything done.

I have lost 15 lbs since I joined and gained a lot of muscle back that I have not had in years.  I have not changed my diet or given up beer and pizza, so it is all from Bootcamp.

I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because I have seen the effect it has had on my body as well as my overall fitness.  Our family does an annual trip each winter and I was horrified at my physique in the vacation pictures each year and they were only getting worse.  So, I decided to do something about it by joining.   I know that I do not have the ability to consistently exercise 3 times per week for an hour on my own so I have stayed with it.

I see and feel that I am more fit than I have been in a long time.  I notice it in my day to day activities – I helped a neighbor cut down a bunch of trees, buck into firewood and haul away without needing to crawl back home and into bed afterwards - I don’t think I could have done that a few years ago.

I feel more confident about how I look and feel.  I have much more strength and endurance than I had before.

I would tell someone who has never taken the program before that it is a very supportive atmosphere that allows you to go at your own pace.  My greatest apprehension that I had about joining was that I was going to walk into a class full of totally fit “type A” personalities.  There are people at all fitness levels working hard, not only do you see yourself improve as the class goes along but you can see them improve as well, everybody supports and encourages each other.

* Results may vary from person to person.



* Congratulations Sue - Body Buster Fitness Bootcamper of the YEAR 2017!


Body Buster Fitness is extremely proud to announce that we have selected Sue from our Etobicoke South location as our Bootcamper of the Year for 2017.

Sue became a member with Body Buster 3 years ago, in search of a new fitness regime to incorporate into her lifestyle.

Her instructors characterize her as optimistic, friendly, determined, and goal-orientated.  Sue holds herself accountable for her overall health and well-being as she works with her Instructors to set goals and make dietary and lifestyle changes to improve her success at Body Buster.

With her confident nature and positive attitude, she is a welcome addition to any class she attends and a wonderful member to partner up with.  Instructor’s often note, that Sue receives compliments and future partner requests from those who’ve had a chance to work out along side her.  Simply put, her drive and determination combined with her welcoming and kind attitude enhances the Body Buster experience not only for herself but also for her classmates.

The secret to Sue’s success at Body Buster is her commitment and consistency to the program.  Even with the busy hustle and bustle of the daily grind, she truly embodies the philosophy of ‘no excuses.’   Sue attends her classes regularly; schedules in make-ups when needed; communicates with her Instructors; and works hard while in class.

Her commitment shows not only in each and every workout, but also through her increased fitness levels, greater flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, improved strength and her ability to push past any obstacles in her path.  She’s implemented a wide variety of changes to her overall well-being, from healthier eating, to increasing her weights, to reducing her sugar intake – Sue has incorporated many small changes into her life to take her Body Buster workouts to the next level.  

Sue is incredibly deserving of this recognition. We, at Body Buster are proud of everything she has accomplished in the Body Buster Program and look forward to working with her in the future!

Congratulations SUE – BOOTCAMPER OF THE YEAR 2017!

* Results may vary from person to person.

* Results may vary from person to person.
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